Hello woman of god

Hello woman of god. I just want to let you know that you are loved by your dad the one who wakes you up every morning. Because he is all about love and as women of god we should love each other not be jealous of each other. Because our father wants us to love at all times even when it seems like everything is coming all at once that's when he wants you to love even harder. So love you for who you really and truly are and don't let no one tell you other wise. Because you know the truth.
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  • Thank you Prophetesss for this reminder that we should love ourselves ne'eman

    • Yes we are glad that we were able to go back and read over what we used to write. For our young woman of God. 

  • Yes we must love God fir what he has done for us. Us as women must know our true worth in God. We are the most powerful beings that God has created. So the love God has for us woman is unconditional.  Woman of God cherish the love of God because his love is everything to us. 

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