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And Nothing Shall Offend You!

“Great peace have they which love thy law; and nothing shall offend them.” Psalm 119:165


Your ability to refrain from becoming offended, reveals the level of maturity from which you operate.  The word offend in this verse refers to “stumbling block”.  Therefore, when I permit anything to cause me to stumble or to divert my focus from the Lord; I have not learned to avail myself of His ever-abiding peace.  I have not learned to avoid walking in offense.


The peace of God represents the wholeness of God; His completeness – nothing missing.  When I realize that God has the ability to control the outcome of every situation; I will then receive that confidence in my spirit to rest in Him. 


I’m reminded of a toddler as they begin learning to walk.  They must learn to be confident, as well as how to balance themselves.  When we haven’t learned to walk confidently according to God’s word; we permit the cares of this world, people and even our own undisciplined motives – to become a stumbling block and we lose our balance.  When we haven’t obtained the power to have the proper balance in our lives; we stumble and sometimes fall.


I must also realize that the spirit of fear is the anchored root system and underlying, hidden culprit that is still present when I am yielding to the influences of offence or of being offended.  When ungodly fear is eradicated from my life, I will recognize that offence will no longer be an issue.


Offences will come (Luke 17:1) – but I don’t have to permit them to divert my attention.  If I prepare myself daily with an awareness that I am more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37); I will know how to receive the peace of God; which has the power and the authority to permit me to remain stable and causes me to triumph in every situation (Philippians 4:7).  Peace is not the absence of chaos.  Peace is the mindset that affords me the ability to remain unshaken – regardless.  Peace is the state of completeness – nothing broken, nothing missing!


To rest in the peace of God reveals that I have permitted the power of God to be my support system… and that I am trusting in His promises to be my daily provision.


Therefore, to prevent the offences that so readily appear in life from becoming a stumbling block in my life; the spirit of fear must be dealt with.  I also must appropriate the mindset that God’s unconditional love will yet prevail in every situation.  I can’t become distracted nor lose my balance; and above all I must trust the fact that God will vindicate every contrary wind that blows my way….and somehow….. always cause His favor to reign in my life! (Romans 8:28) 


“Those who love your laws have great peace of heart and mind and do not stumble.”

                                                                                                   Psalm 119:165(The Living Bible)

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  • Blessings Apostle Claudia thank you for this powerful teaching and examination of where it all comes from which is the root of the system which is fear.  I'm happy to have read this because in the past this was exactly my problem and I still had this still today but I'm seeing more and more of myself of what the issue is and why do I feel this way when becoming offended where it all grew from and you breaking it down even further for me open even more of my awareness and where the correct system should be coming from  rather where it's at today so thank you for this breakdown of how one can become offensive and why because it's imperative that especially people in the body of Christ see this teaching a lot of people are unaware of why they even become offensive in the first place and how that fear spirit operates it all nails down to the root of it which is fear so thank you for that  people just have to accept correction especially when you're being corrected in love and we shouldn't be so quick to be offensive in the first place you know when you're used to dealing with folks of your past that does nothing but downgrade you and devalue you and all this negative stuff you know people get so accustomed to being ready to defend their self that it does tend to be  unclear on recognizing of how this is not that person or these people this is not that type of people these people your spiritual family or your leader or who a good friend or whoever is a different person from those people you're use to you don't have to feel like you have to defend yourself here because it's given out in love so it's a whole different  type of advice and type of suggestion and some people just shouldn't get so quick to be offended but when you're so use to defending yourself it does become all unrecognizable at first that you're not dealing with the same people you don't have to feel this way because this isn't that I'm telling you  people say I love you I'm telling you because I care about I'm telling you because you always were so quick to you know let fear in that you don't have to feel like you have to defend yourself  this isn't that so thank you for the further breakdown of this it's truly grateful it's truly appreciate it thank you for this I'm definitely going to keep it with me so I can keep reminding myself passing it on every day and moving forward and knowing that God is the system that I should be running with and not fear God bless you agape 

    • Peace and Blessings   Amen, Amen, Amen!!!  Our God is so faithfully.  His timing is ALWAYS on point!  He knows exactly what we need and sends it to us at the correct time!!! Stay submitted to the Lord and He will renew and develop you even the more!!!

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