Lord…Because You Are Always Watching…..

“My Accountability is to You!”

“My awareness of your omnipresence elevates my accountability to you O Lord”

Yahweh Hashopet”

(The Lord the judge - Psalm7:8)

“Yahweh administers judgment to the peoples. Judge me, Yahweh, according to my righteousness, and to my integrity that is in me.”   Psalm 7:8       World English Bible

To whom are you accountable?  The degree of our accountability to the Lord will determine the level of integrity that forms our character.  When I place in motion the mind set that EVERYTHING that I do must be governed by a “Holy Spirit Seared” conscience; then I will have no need to feel the necessity of a person with whom I should be accountable.   In many instances people will place a higher regard for the “presence of people” than the ever-abiding presence of God!  In other words, we will refrain from various actions; and governed our vocabulary when we are in the presence of certain people – yet appear to forget that we are ALWAYS in the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit! 

Let us develop an increased awareness of the presence of God and never forget that He is omnipresent.


Prayer of Accountability  (© 2003)

Lord, as of today, I decree that I have an enlightened mindset in regards to my accountability concerning you.   May I view with a higher perspective every plan, idea and every strategy that you have given unto me - whether it be for me directly, for your people….. or for even those who are not saved. 


Although you “Yahweh Hashopet, judge my motives and actions, I must never become stagnant, thus further nurturing the actions of procrastination, that attempt to become a comfort zone.


Therefore, I acknowledge the fact that I hold in high esteem all that you have entrusted to my hands.  So…. as of today, I will begin to enthusiastically; with a renewed passion…. set in motion and actively pursue every avenue that leads me to, and takes me down, the path of your divine destiny for my life.  Because I regard my accountability to you far more superior than any earthly commitment;  I have an increased zeal to aggressively accomplish your plans for my life.  


So Lord, may my actions always be in alignment with the motives that you, the righteous judge, see within my heart.   May I never forget that my accountability is always held “in check” by the guidelines of your Word.  May I never lower the state of my integrity to the extent that I will become more accountable to a person than to you.  


Lastly, Lord may I continue to increase my level of faithfulness to you.  May I have an ever present reminder and conscience awareness of your love for me.  May I honor you.  May I obey you… and may I remain subjected to you and you alone…… my Yahweh Hashopet. 

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