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I am young Prophetess Domonique Smith i am a mother of three. I am a young women in minstry for God. Ready to take on anythig he has for me i am saved and can hear God very well when he speaks to me. Im also looking foward to doing more and more to build Gods Kingdom. I have been a praise leader before and yes i have gotten the holy spirit. I made quite a few errors in life but God hasent held it against me. Instead he wants me to keep walking looking foward and dont be stop so here I am once again here to stay and be all i can be in the Lord bringing more souls to his kingdom as much as i can. I am apart of the timonthy generation. My first love God put on my heart is my group Royal Rose Warriors. It was Royal Rose Garden. But God gave me a new name to call it. Im truly Greatful to God to have been able to start this group encouraging others to know they are warriors. Amen. Truly a blessing for me to do to help build the Kingdom God has more for me he is putting in the works. So im truly excited to have this opportunity here on earth amen agape.

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Comment by I Am A Ruby Network on May 18, 2015 at 2:17pm

Blessings Domonique(Niece) I am so excited, and overjoyed that you are ready to walk in your purpose. There is so much that God have in store for you in this hour. Love you, and welcome to the Home of the Platinum Eagles :-)

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