My Strength is Seated in Joy!

My Strength is Seated in Joy!

Read Psalm 43 and Nehemiah 8

 “……...This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”     Nehemiah 8:10


Today, Lord may I continue to comprehend that you ARE my joy.   May I realize that my mind must be renewed to the concept, that my ability to remain joyful (full of joy) in the midst of adversity, is one of the battles that must be won.  Consequently, Lord I will totally understand that you and you alone are the nucleus of my joy.  Everything that is necessary for my “JOY” has its basis, its focus and its core emanating from you Lord.


Therefore…., today I invite you, Holy Spirit to continue to infiltrate my mind, and to release me from every thought pattern that is not God ordained ……. thus permitting me to remain joyful throughout this day.  I decree that I will not allow any circumstance that may arise today cause me to lose or “loose” my focus.  May I always remain cognizant that joy is not an emotion –but a mindset.


So I thank you now, for your guidance, your direction and the provision of your “joy” - that will be required for this day.  May the joy that you bring empower me and offer to me the foundation which is vital concerning my ability to stand strong today and always.  May I not be a partaker nor the recipient of anything that will allow my mind to wander….. Thus causing ME to surrender my joyous state.  Because I am in control of my thoughts – I choose to focus on only what will bring: joy, peace and happiness.  May I KNOW that because I do have the JOY of the Holy Ghost – no demonic force has the power nor the authority to steal it.


May I never forget that my happiness will ALWAYS be short lived and temporal; simply because it is based upon the things which are “HAPPENING” around me ….. and they are ever-changing. However my joy is seated in my spirit and released through my soul…. And is eternal…..If  “I”  permit it to be so.  Since JOY is a part of the fruit of the Spirit; its charter qualities are eternal.  Therefore the manifestation of joy in my life is a CHOICE that I can determine.


May I continue to reflect on the strength and encouragement of our patriots who walked by faith as they sang:

 “This joy that I have, the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.” 


Joy produces a Mindset of Strength,

Strength produces a Mindset of Power,

Power produces a Mindset of Victory!

So…. I will keep my mind focused….. and Walk in VICTORY!!!!!!

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  • NE'Eman taking this in and applying it. Yes Joy is a Fruit of the spirit. Yes keeping my Joy having it seated in my spirit. Yess!!! This is awesome and wonderfully said thank you Apostle Cluadia

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