Trust That God Will Help You

Joshua 8:1

The Lord said to Joshua, Don't be terrified or afraid. Take all the people with you, and march against Ai. I am about to hand the king of Ai, his people, city, and land over to you.

If God promised to help you do something that sounded impossible in the same way he promised to help the Israelites capture first Jericho and then Ai, question, would you step out in trust and do what he said, or would you doubt his ability to deliver on his promise? Doing the things God ask can seem totally impossible. Walk around the city and the walls are gonna crumble? Just walk onto the land and I will take it from them and give it to you? The Israelites must have had a hard time believing that everything God told them to do could actually be done, but history proves that he came through. Never once did God not fulfill his promise or work things out for the people who did what he commanded.


Knowing that, you can be sure that he's gonna help you do whatever it is he asks so you will have success. So if there is something in your life that seems impossible or something you know you should do but you just can't seem to do, know that your not alone. God promises to help you. You just need to call on him and trust him to answer. Then move out in trust. Take the first step, walk, enter the door don't just wait but get moving. Your life can change for the better today. You can walk away from whatever is plaguing you or bringing you down. Freedom can be yours, but you've got to get moving. Walk out the door, it's unlocked. Take off the shackles, he's released you. Today, take back your life by giving it over to God. And remember, you can do everything through Christ who strengthens you (see Phil. 4:13).

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