You Are God's New Born Baby

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

Therefore if anyone who is in Christ, the new creation has come, the old has gone, the new is here.

At times we may feel this scripture seem so small but truth is it's very powerful, because God is letting us know the moment we accepted Jesus as Lord of our life, he made everything brand new (you). And that Is a reason to get excited. All that old stuff when we were living in darkness example: filthy language, nasty attitudes, stealing, holding grudges against one another, lying, and so forth, once you accepted Jesus all of that has been taken away gone no more. God gave you a whole new you, we hallelujah are brand new now because of Christ.

Now there are people in this world who will still try and bring up what you use to do in your old life, they will say you use to have a mouth of filthy language, oh you use to steal, and you use to do that, but we as God children have to remember what he said in his word 2 Corinthians 5:17, what did he say- the old is gone, that means all that stuff you use to do people can't hold it against you anymore because God has forgiven you and reborn you, you are brand new as if you didn't do anything, it's like when a baby first come out of its mother's womb, he/she is new to the world everything is fresh, well God said that is how it is with you, you should be praising and thanking God you are a new born baby on today.

So don't let nothing stop you from being God's new born baby on today, it doesn't matter what the world may say about what you use to do God is saying that is gone and no more, you are brand new in Jesus Ne'eman. 

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  • Yes I am Brand New In Jesus. Wonderful Evangelist Precious. Yes we have to know God made us brand new daily. Hallelujah we are new everyday. Because when we ask him to create us a clean heart we is renewed.

  • Hallelujah thank you Lord that because of you I am brand new, I'm proud and happy to be your new born baby forever.

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