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  1. Today my life is like Winning the Lottery Jackpot. I am a guaranteed winner Every-day. I am an instant winner. I am a supernova and megahit.
  2. All odds are in my favor, because I've Won, and I have Unanimous Favor.
  3. The Blessings are overtaking me from the inside out. I Am being Blessed from within. Because it is Written.
  4. Winning is fun and easy for me. All I do is WIN(Wealth Increases Now).
  5. I Am a Big Winner, that is a for sure thing
  6. Hello Eternal Loving Presence within me, and Healing Eternal Living Power within me I appreciate you, I love you so much, and I am so grateful for your Help.
  7. Success is my great strategy for Winning.
  8. We are making, receiving, and obtaining $Unlimited Wealth this year, and it is coming from all outlets in the universe in Jesus
  9. I am as a black Amex card, I ever get denied in Yesus/Yeshua.

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