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Blessings everyone, May you all trust in the Lord for fresh Manna to come your way. Allow God to take care of you and your family.
1 hour ago
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"Yes we had to allow God to use us. Yes God wants us to have faith."
1 hour ago
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Matthew 14:13-18 Names of God Bible (NOG)
Jesus Feeds More Than Five Thousand
13 When Yeshua heard about John, he left in a boat and went to a place where he could be alone. The crowds heard about this and followed him on foot from the cities. 14 When Yeshua got out of the boat, he saw a large crowd. He felt sorry for them and cured their sick people.
15 In the evening the disciples came to him. They said, “No one lives around here, and it’s already late. Send the crowds to the villages to buy food for themselves.”
16 Yeshua said to them, “They don’t need to go away. You give them something to eat.”
17 They told him, “All we have here are five loaves of bread and two fish.”
18 Yeshua said, “Bring them to me.”
2 hours ago
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What Are You Releasing Into The Atmosphere?Circumstances Unfavorable? You Have The Power……So Just Change Them!“Death and life are in the power of the tongue,”. Proverbs 18:21aThere were two television shows that aired many, many years ago which each featured a different woman who possessed “mystical” powers. The programs were entitled: Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. In both of these series, the women’s powers were only known to certain people. In the program Bewitched, the lady named Samantha; was supposed to be a good witch (oxymoron!!); who was a homemaker. She used her powers in the times of distress or of grave importance. The other program featured a little genie that lived in a capped bottle which had been found by her master who was an astronaut. What these two women had in common is that whenever they encountered situations that was not to their liking – they would just change them. Samantha would simply twitch her nose; Jeannie would blink her eyes; and whatever they wante…
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Decree, Demand, Delight, and Declare, all that you Desire God to do in your life, and in the lives of everyone in this earth 🌎. Watch it Manifest and Be Done ✔. Read and Meditate on(PS 37:4).
13 hours ago
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Confirmation, this is powerful
17 hours ago
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Blessings and GE RPELF, how are you all doing on this Tremendous Blessed day? Who know that this amount can be yours? We are writing ✍ our vision, and making it plain. No matter what is going on in the 🌎 forever, stay focused on your visions, dreams, goals, and desires. Do not let nothing stop you, slow you down, or make you quit? It is Written: In a Famine there is more than enough, and you shall be satisfied and prosperous. Read and Meditate on(PS 37:19).
18 hours ago
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 “Relax your mind and heal your body with this short and soothing guided meditation from Bob Proctor.…”
20 hours ago
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HalleluYAH, we have Trifecta Victory in all area of our lives.
23 hours ago
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"HalleluYAH, we love it ❤. You better come on and tell us Prophetess Lapresha. Have we ask God, how he feel about everything in all of us? Confirmation, we love you so much Abba Kyrios. "
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Letting everyone know not to be afraid of the Covid-19. Allow God to protected you, have faith in him don't be afraid to let anyone touch you or anything tru...
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Good Morning Everyone, May you have a blessed and prosperous day on purpose. Love you all to the heavens. Be safe love you all Agape.
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
Even Now, Raise Your Level of Expectation…And Become Completely Synchronized“For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.” Habakkuk 2:3With the events that are upon us, it should be very evident that God is preparing us for a drastic change. Simply because we are quickly approaching the end of time as we now know it; it is imperative that our “clocks” are in alignment with God’s agenda for this season…. And that we increase our level of expectation. Now is the time to become excited, eager and enthusiastic about what the Lord is doing! God has already released in the realm of the Spirit an outpouring of the endtime wealth. However, if you are not synchronized to His time schedule – you will not be in the correct place, nor in the correct position to begin to be a recipient.I’m reminded of a few instances when people were in the right place (their physical location and their…
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GN BAE(Beautiful Almighty EloHim) you are so remarkable and royal

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    Double is our time: We have to know from our heart, We ARE Victorious, We are more than Conquerors, We are Valuable to the Kingdom. Let's begin to walk, talk, operate in all God has given Us.

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    • Ne'Eman, bless you and GM Prophetess Domonique, this is our daily affirmation for over 15 years now. These scriptures right here will cast out all depression, oppression, demonic possession, anxiety, insomnia, stress, worries, doubt, all unbelief, suicide, and all mental illnesses in Jesus. How do we know? Because, this word right here has kept our mind in Alignment with God almost two decades. Thank you for sharing it with us. HalleluYAH

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  • Blessings RPELF, watch this video it will bless your life.


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    • Blessings Prophetess Domonique, we love it. You did a excellent job

  • Blessings and GA RPELF, we are live on the air now listen in to Oil of Marriage Sonday WorShift Explosion Radio!
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    Are you Ready for this NEW WorShift Experience?

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    This is the Third Sonday of this Fantastic, Faith-Filled, Fruitful, and Fully Favoruary month. 

     If you are expecting and ready for  Healing, Breakthroughs, Dominion Increase, Revelations, Prophetic Manifestations, and heavenly divine interventions with God over the airways. Tune in, this is the place to be, and EXPECT a Supersonic Supernatural MIRACLE on PURPOSE! Tell everyone you know about this broadcast, it is going to be Trifectally Epic. See you all on the air, Agape~

    Oil In Marriage Sonday WorShift Explosion Radio!!!
    I Am A Ruby Network and WOSV presenting a new segment of God's Ordained Assignment. Oil In Marriage. Live 2/16/20 Sonday, at 3:00 pm EST for an intro…
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      Awww, bless you and thank you Apostle Trina, we love these Dynamic pictures, and we love you too

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