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Which one of these ten ancient symptoms can you relate too, and what strategies did God give you to overcome them? Can you please explain to the class in details?

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Your're a people please. My God, God had to minister to me, even recently, Where is Your Yes? He ask, my God. Fear of rejection was another one. God had to really minister to me. He took me on a fast and prayer to destroy all of that nonsense, all that stagnation, all what people don't see or if they see it, it's an issue still. Done with all that, thanking God that He showed me Who I AM.. That I have Untapped Potential. Bless God...

Ne'eman to that 

4 Fear of Speaking the truth. I use to have this bad. I always felt if i did that i was talkimg out of turn. It took me a while to cast that fear out and just go with it. How i got out of it was really me giving myself a pep talk and speaking to God more. I had to say something or i would regret not saying it. Plus God was really working on me about speaking out. Especailly when he gives knowledge on things. Glad to say im not afraid now to say what i believe is the truth. Because i will have a clear conscious when i do and can sleep well at night. Which brings me to number 5. Feeling responsible for someone elses feelings. I worried all the time about someone elses feelings i hurted so much that i use to push my feelings to the back burner and really telling them the truth about something i knew better of i use to procrastinate abput saying other wise because of fear holding me back then me feeling disaprove for speaking out. I have to give all the Glory to God how i got out of that. I kept going forth. Speaking out and telling myself its not fair. That im puting my feelings on the back burner and its not fair im not speaking out while everyone else can kept meeting my fears head on and thats how i got out of my situation. God and keep going forth speaking out and rebuking fear

5)Belief that you're responsible for someone's emotions. I mainly just wanted to ensure that whoever im in a relationship with is happy which is not my job I'm not responsible for someone else's happiness only my own. However, i am still working on this because i have a big heart for the people i love.

2. Inability to set boundaries: the reason I have chosen this one is because I am not so good at keeping myself a plan it's like when I plan something it never last how I desire it to last. But I am ready to overcome it. 


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