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What do you SEE, as you look at this Spiritual Brain?

Which one of these are your Strengths?

Which one these are your Weakness?

Close your eyes and breath in and out, then tell God to show you your Spiritual Brain?

Now write down what do you see now concerning your BRAIN?

How would you apply these Attributes of God to your daily life?

Do you feel Refreshed, Renewed, Replenished, and Refueled, after seeing your new brain now?

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I see different compartment working together. My strength would be in the middle pink section of the brain, and my weakness would be in the lower green lobe.. I seen a huge brain with bright vibrant color full of joy peace, wealth, favor and prosperity. This attribute will 1st be birth out in prayer, that I will obtain direction, and instruction. I feel different(smiling).

I see a brain in good order in the Lord. A strength is love but I will accept all as my strengths that I pray in time God will increase me in them more and more. I would say as a need for a turn around, a change for the better, that I plan to attend in church more. For my spiritual brain I see a likeness in God where all of the areas are stretched and open for more to pore in, limitless, no restrictions. I feel a massive uplifting in my spirit knowing my potential through God. I do feel refreshed, renewed, replenished, and refueled.

When look at the brain I see my spiritual blueprint.

My Strength is Love

My weakness is Tithes

God wants me to total surrender to get the fullness of him.

Through prayer, studying and Fasting,.

Yes I feel refreshed.


Thank God for another exciting lesson. I see everything that the Church is suppose to be made up of, every category is Spiritual in nature. Spirituality—steeped in prayer and study of God’s Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit, committed to serve God unreservedly, and manifested in a spirit of servanthood—is what the church needs today. The task of the kingdom cannot be advanced without such spirituality. That's what I see when I look at the illustration, Every category in the illustration is my potential strength which needs a spiritual tune-up. the category that I'm weak in is the ones that lack spiritual and life's application ' going through the motions is one thing but applying them through life's application is another, When closing my eyes and asking God to show me my spiritual brain what He showed me is my spiritual brain needs a spiritual workout with the Holy Spirit. What I see now is that my brain needs a complete makeover and spiritual tune up.  Meditation. This is considered as the most appropriate way to becoming a more spiritual person. Meditation will help me to reach the ideal state of calmness where I will be able to receive all of life’s experiences.  It is a mental discipline that will help me to become self aware beyond my thoughts, sense of identity, time and even beyond my personal consciousness. I learned how to meditate in two ways – take professional help, from organizations or from an expert or I do it myself. In the second method, by learning to focus my mind on specific objects, and as I gain more control over my mind, I start by focusing on my inner self. This is what spirituality is all about, which can be practiced anywhere. Another way of feeling Spiritual Renewal is Giving. One of the most beautiful ways of practicing the art of being spiritual is through sharing and giving. Giving can be in any form. You can give your time to the Senior Citizens, and the Sick and Shut -In Ministry  like I found  myself doing for more than thirty years in the Philadelphia's Nursing Homes, or whatever you feel comfortable in doing. You can give your hand to a noble and worthy cause. Giving is related to the art of being content and when you are content, you will be calm. Calmness is one of the wheels that move the chariot of spirituality. so Praise God when I look  at the illustration I see through the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit I see a successful achievement in Spiritual renewal.

The spiritual brain is so awesome it appears to be on the constant move about God and what he requires as a believer, it's like the brain is 247 about God that's awsome.


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