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What do you think is the keys to a successful life? Why do you think that the men and women of God, do not possess their promises yet? Are you ready to posses your land flowing with milk and honey? Do you actually think you are ready for the promises of God?

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THATS A GREAT QUESTION .... "DO I THINK IM READY FOR THE PROMISES OF GOD"  The word is mos diffidently full of Promises! So why not be ready for what god said we can have ? Ok so looking in at my self ... Honestly there was times when i thought wow lord i didn't even deserve this but you came threw or snuck up on me smacked me with a promises , then i say so why are u so suprized for then ? did you not think he would do it ? Yet in still i am exited that the god of this universe would make promises to me and you as well =) Sometimes i am like a small child who is tugging on daddy shirt and say but dad u said u would do it in you own words. =) All i have to say is Lord have me To be ready in Jesus name i know he has much more for us we are deserving threw Chris Jesus. I just know there more out there ! I have learned that i need to Know how to take care and handle the promises as the lord would have for me. AMEN 

I believe the keys to a successful are earnestly seeking God, gaining wisdom and understanding thru His word, obeying His spoken and written commands, and always... always remembering God in all that we do. 

Matt. 6:33 tells us: But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

The major key is to seek after God. Not after what He can do, or what He can provide. But to concern ourselves with the things that concern Him. Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. Loving one another, as well as our enemies. Forgiving everybody for their trespasses. Seek to do those things, then all of the benefits will be heaped upon us as well.

The people of God don't possess their promises yet because they concern themselves with the wrong things. Leaders get caught up in competition. Growing their "church" instead of growing the kingdom of God. We get caught up in doctrines, denominations, church politics and appearances. We miss out on the best part of being a Christian. Being Christ Like.

Hmm.. am I ready to posses my land? Am I ready for the promises of God? As Teri said, that truly is a great question. My most honest answer is... I'm getting ready. I do believe that there is still some work that needs to be done in me. But I do know that I'm in a much better position now that I have ever been in before. I don't believe that there is much that still has to be done for me to walk into all of the promises of God. I'm primed at the precipice and am ready to take a flying leap... to soar into my destiny.

I believe that the key to a successful like is putting God first in everything you do, seek his face daily, love him more than anything or anybody .....pray over everything first.......Am I ready for his promises, I believe I am a work in progress, he is preparing me and already has bought  me a mighty way.....God has given me such an humble spirit, if you only knew........Praise God....and that's why I have such a desire for his wisdom and knowledge.....

I believe according to the Bible, that Faith with out work is dead. God has equipped all of us for success, our gifts will make room for us. Faith in Action is the key to success. I feel that MOG and WOG have not stepped into their wealthy place and place of success due to disbelief and disobedience, also being stuck in the mindset like I was until recently (Hallelujah) that our desire for success is making it to Heaven, taught not to be concerned with material wealth. ( To be quite honest, I was so bond by this , that the other day I realized that I don't really buy myself much) I don't have super fancy stuff, most of my things were given to me or bought cheap. I do alot for my children and Husband but rarely for myself, because of the mindset that I was under. I blocked my own blessings that God has for me!! But I am delivered and pray for all of his promises for my life and to walk in the land flowing with milk and honey in the name of Jesus!!! I think I am the only person on the planet without a smart phone, pray for me y'all. Lol! GOD EVERYTHING YOU HAVE FOR ME,SPIRITUALLY AND NATURALLY I RECEIVE. IN JESUS NAME!!! EVERY PROMISE LORD!!! THANK YOU JESUS!! Hallelujah!!!

I think the key to a successful life is keeping God head of everything we do. We need to ask God should we do anything before we even do it, if we obey His word, love and have faith we will be successful. Alot of men don't posses their promises because they are not obedient and their faith isnt where it should be. I had to stop doing so much slow down alot and seek God the more, trust beleive in His word and stand on His promises. I had to learn that no answer from God is a answer. But when I totally fell in love with God(mind,body,soul) I was able to realese some things and even people and totally start focusing on God and His promises. His word shall not turn back void and He is a man that shall not lie. If He said it, it shall come to pass at His time n not mine. I will not let nothing seperate me from the love of God. So I have to seek Him more and more each day,pray,fast,mediate, yes and even concencrate so I can hear from Daddy. I do think I am ready for His promises.

First of all, you put God First. Keep his commandments. Read the Word and meditate on it day and night. The men and women of God who have not possessed their promises have not set their mind to walk in their calling of God. Yes, I am ready to possess the land flowing with milk and honey. I am ready to do what He has called me to do.

Put God First. Keep his commandments, fasting and praying, reading his Word and meditating on Him.

They are just sitting back, not walking in their calling.


YES I AM! He said it in His Word.

I believe there are many keys to success the most important is to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind and all our soul. This is the greatest commandment. Once we achieve that everything else will fall in place. When we love God more than anything we will be obedient to His word, His will and His way. He said if you love me you will keep my cammandments, and they are not grievous. When we love God we will do what ever it take to please Him. Studying His Word, loving our neighbors as ourselves, giving, sharing, testifying and witnessing of His goodness. The story of the children of Isreal showed us how to possess the promise's of God as well as the behaviors and attitudes that will delay or prohibit us from the attainment of God's promises. Unwavering Faith and obedience will unlock the door to the promises of God. Complaining will prohibit us. I believe we must never forget where God has brought us from and out of. Keeping an attitude of gratitude, and remembering to always be thankful with praises on our lips and thanksgiving in our hearts. I am walking in the favor of God having the blessings of God but I have not attained all that He has for me and my family from generations to generations. I am more than ready. I have work to do in the kingdom of God, I need an overflow of His abundance to share with those He put in my path.
The Keyes to a successful life is 1) make sure that God is the head of your life and you are doing His will 2) Making it a habit to serve others as unto God 3) Understanding success and happiness is found in God. Men an women of God have not posses the promises yet due to unbelief. I am ready for the land flowing with milk and honey and need to make sure that I am believing a God. I believe in my mind I am ready for the promises of God but have some work to do to really believe in my heart that I deserve them.

The first thing is to truly trust God. I will let him guide me in everything. You have to put it all in his hands. There is the fork in the road and it has a lot of prongs on it, like little roads and they are all leading somewhere. You can chose to walk whatever path but there is only one right path. Gods path. If you sit still and listen to him, He will lead and direct your path. Most of us don't receive the wealth because we don't listen. Wealth is blessing someone, changing their life. Wealth is having everything you need and not want. Wealth come in some many ways but because we are selfish and we sometimes want what is not for us. We are so greedy and want so much, but God already has a plan for us and we have to be opened for it...............Amen  


I have truly enjoyed each week of reading all of the lessons as well as each and every one's response. Mother have learned so much from each of you and I have witnessed growth in each one of US. I am so grateful and thankful for this experience and opportunity of higher learning in the things that truly concern God's kingdom. That has empowered us to levels and heights, we had not achieved. We have come out of the chicken coop, taken God out of the box. realizing his unlimited resources, have weapons of supernatural power to defeat the enemy and his .We know just what is necessary and what we must do to receive the promises of God. Wow!!!! all of this and much more in just seven weeks. God is so good and so mindful of his people. Thank You Jesus, Pastor Teshana Wiley and great, anointed, powerful WOG. Teacher's, Administrators, Students of 2013 and 2014 QPE and IAMARUBY SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS. May God continually bless, equip and empower you for the task He has set before you in advancing His Kingdom. It's all about You JESUS. Love you all and have enjoyed this journey as we have all walked hand in hand, obtaining the profound Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of the Word of God, the Promise's of God and THE AGAPE Love of God toward US.You are blessed and highly favored. Love you all so much. Mother: Pastor Shirley Lee


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