DQ, week Eleven!!!!

What do you think is the keys to a successful life? Why do you think that the men and women of God, do not possess their promises yet? Are you ready to posses your land flowing with milk and honey? Do you actually think you are ready for the promises of God?

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  • Ne'eman the key to a successful life is hard work and dedication and I'm not just talking about in the career/work life where you earn alot of money but I'm talking about hard work and dedication with God you know you meditate on his words his decrees just sit quietly and be still and listen to God for what he wants you to do, you pray and fast you are a giving person to others you think about the effects of your actions , how it would effect someone else's life, you think of more then yourself, you don't be so easily to judge all these things align up with God and is the only way to have a real successful life not a bunch of money.

    We don't possess our promises of God because we lack real knowledge of what success is we think it's all about money and that just not true. I lot of people have a lot of money but they find themselves unhappy in life that's because the only way to live a successful life is through God.

    Yes I think im ready thank God for this lesson and school of the prophets I have a different mindset on success now 

  • Be true to seeking God 1st to stay close to Him, pray, and successful blessings will be added on in your life. Men and women of God, obey and have faith to possess your promise. I do obtain, possess my land flowing with milk and honey..I claim it. I am so ready for the promises of God and my cup runneth over.
  • Praying and fasting and being obedience to GOD word and owning my success and keeping Faith in GOD.      The reason why the men and woman don't possess their promises of GOD is because they don't believe in GOD and they don't fast and pray and obey GOD word.                                                                                                  Yes I believe that I'm ready for all the promises that GOD has for me and yes I own MY success that GOD is blessings me with.

  • is me being more obedient to the lord seeking him before i do anything  because people today want to do what they wont and do fear god like they should anymore and aren't obedient to the lord i am so ready to posses the land of milk and honey i want to be more pleasing to our lord so my land will continue to flow in the overflow i am trying my hardest to stay wright for the lord so i can obtain all that the lord has for me in my life 

  • What do you think is the keys to a successful life? A key to a successful life is wisdom. Once you gain knowledge and the practical applications of understanding, and everything else will follow.

    Why do you think that the men and women of God, do not possess their promises yet? Most people lack the knowledge to achieve financial wealth or a prosperous mindset.  Also, churches fail to teach kingdom wealth-building strategies on Sundays when they reach so many people; coupled with many children being poorly educated about finances growing up as a child.

    Are you ready to posses your land flowing with milk and honey? Yes. It’s overdue.  I want to posses my land of milk and honey.  I'm ready to walk in all that God has promised me.

    Do you actually think you are ready for the promises of God? Yes. I am prepared for the promises of God. 

  • I believe the key to a successful life is to include Godin every part of our life, adventures, desires and endeavors. They don't possesses the promises of God, because their mind,mouth, thoughts, and atmosphere isn't in agreement with the Kingdom yet(2 spies).Yes, I'm ready,and have been ready ever since I moved to Florida. I still need deliverance.
  • Life is successful with God. They may have started out on the right side of the track they may got off at the wrong train station,  nobody took the time to teach men and women of God. To bring them into the knowledge of the truth.

    Yes I am ready! Let my latter days be my best day in wisdom, health riches. Through Christ Jesus I am ready within my mind and promises of God

  • Blessing, I think the keys to a successful life is Keeping God First in your plans and steps you take consult with them go over with him what you want done step by step. I tell God lets go fifty fifty with me but he always do his and more. Also meditate and fast to him in your prayer time ask for a clear peaceful clean mindset. So you can focus on your success stay around motivating folks. You will be on your way in no time. The reason i think most men and women of God dont possess their promiese is in the time frame they want it is because some arent ready to recieve what God has for them they are not in postion that God wants them to be in yet or just not in position to recieve it. Gods time is the best time so its best to do things in order. I most Defiantly is ready to recieve all that God has for me with the land flowing with milk and honey... To be honest i am..Ready I May still need to iron some things out but its time for me to have whats mines Lord im ready..
  • I think the key to a successful life is t ill follow God's instructions. Do what he tells you. Trust in god with every thing. Jushave ffaith in God. Let God lead your life and not your flesh....I think the reason why men and women do not possess their promise yet is because they still dont have full trust and faith in the lord or they are holding on to something God said to let go. Yes im ready to ossess my land flowing with milk and honey. Yes i actually think im ready for God's promises.
  • I think that the keys to a successful life are PRAYER praise and worship bring a wise steward of what God has given to you and having a thankful and grateful heart and listening and obeying GOD.
    I think that some men and women of God have not received their promises yet because inconsistence if they don't receive what they have in their thinking they lose focus and some don't have any one to keep them motivated so that try to do things on their own and fall by the way side.
    Yes, I am ready to possess the land FLOWING with milk and honey.
    Yes I'm ready for the promises of God
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