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This is very clear, its a blessing too know Jesus that gave himself for us and left us with task to do until his return. Amen

Yes he did give us this that’s exactly why we must get to work and start to study ourselves and our gifts on how to work them and to control them in the spiritual realm and how to except certain things 

Praise God for another wonderful day there is so much going on in Ephesians 4:11-12 and just to be able to learn this lesson is a. true blessing. This lesson opens with, 11. Greek, emphatical. "Himself" by His Supreme Power. "It is He that gave," . 
gave some, apostles--Translate, "some to be apostles, and some to be prophets," . The men who filled the office, no less than the office itself, were a divine gift . Ministers did not give themselves. Compare with the list here, 1 Corinthians 12:10 ,1 Corinthians 12:28 . As the Apostles, Prophets, and Evangelists were special and extraordinary ministers, so "Pastors and Teachers" are the ordinary stated ministers of a particular flock, including, probably, the Bishops, Presbyters, and Deacons. Evangelists were itinerant preachers like our missionaries, as Philip the deacon (Acts 21:8); as contrasted with stationary "pastors and teachers" (2 Timothy 4:5). The Evangelist founded the Church; the Teacher built it up in the faith already received. The "Pastor" had the outward rule and guidance of the Church: the Bishop. As to revelation, the "Evangelist" testified infallibly of the past; the "Prophet," infallibly of the future. The Prophet derived all from the Spirit; the Evangelist, in the special case of the Four, recorded matter of fact, cognizable to the senses, under the Spirit's guidance. No one form of Church polity as permanently unalterable is laid down in the New Testament though the apostolical order  Bishops, or Presbyters, and Deacons, superintended by higher overseers (called Bishops after the Apostolic times), has the highest sanction of primitive usage.Verse 12-Amplified: His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ’s body (the church), Equipping the Saints - KJV has "perfecting of the saints" which conveys the wrong idea, for the purpose of Christs gifts ("gifted men") to the Church is not to make saints sinlessly perfect but is to completely outfit them for service or as Paul describes to make them...a vessel for honor, sanctified (set aside), useful (easy to make use of) to the Master, prepared (carries idea of willingness and eagerness as well as of readiness) for every good (God) work. The surest road to a church’s spiritual stagnation, to the pastor’s burnout, or to both is for the pastor to become so engulfed in activities and programs that he has too little time for prayer and the Word. And programs that “succeed” can be even more destructive than those that fail if they are done in the flesh and for human satisfaction rather than the Lord’s glory. It is lack of knowledge of God’s Word and obedience to it (Hosea 4:6)), not lack of programs and methods, that destroy His people. When they fail it is not because of weak programs but because of weak teaching. The first concern of the leadership of the church should be for the filled seats, not the empty ones. what Paul is really saying is these gifted men and women, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, are given for the equipping of the saints – that’s their one duty, to equip the saints – that the saints might do the work of ministry that the body of Christ might be edified. So that the work of the ministry is not the work of the gifted man or woman; he’s simply or she's simply are to equip them from the instructions from the Word of God. He’s to teach or she's to teach the Scriptures so that they, built up in the faith, strengthened, given doctrine of biblical knowledge and the application of it, are then able to carry on ministry. Everyone is a minister in the body of Christ. So you are a minister in the body of Christ..The church is a living organism. In the physical body, the hand moves when the brain says to. So too the members of Jesus' Spiritual Body takes direction from Him as our Head. Jesus gives each member gifts and talents, making Himself alive within his church. He equips His people to love one another, and to serve in unity in His kingdom. This is Body Life. When Paul speaks of the church as a body, he makes it clear that no one joins that body except by a new birth, through faith in Jesus Christ. There is no other way into this body. Once a person becomes a part of that body, every member has a contribution to make. As each member works at the task God has given him or her to do, the whole body functions as intended.

Yes Lord thank you for the Five fold so that each and everyone of us can do our part so we can help build the kingdom of God.


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