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"Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph and songs of joy" (Psalm 47:1 Amplified Version).

Friend to Friend

Steve and I boarded a Cog Train for a scenic ride to the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is the most visited mountain in North American - a hiker's paradise. But since going up and down my stairs at home is about as much hiking as I like to do, we opted for the train to chug us to the top. This stately mountain stands as a majestic backdrop to Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods rock formations. As we clicked along the 8.9 miles of railway, a tour guide pointed out various areas of interest and wildlife along the way. Suddenly, the train slowed to a crawl and a chorus of oohs and aahs rumbled through the boxcars. In hushed silence, we gazed at a herd of Big Horned sheep congregating to our right.

The six-foot male grayish-brown rams with white fluffy rumps gathered in a circle like spectators at a boxing match. Two males stood head-to-head in the center of the ring, eyeing each other with studied determination. Smaller female rams with diminutive spiked horns grazed nonplussed over to the side. It seems it was a mating season and the males were vying for the ladies' attention.

A crack filled the air as the two males ran toward each other and furiously butted heads. With front feet leaving the ground, the hefty rams twisted and turned interlocking horns until one retreated from battle. The sound of cameras clicking mixed with cracking rams horns as we dared not interfere with the ritual of thousands of years. Time and time again the males butted heads with one thing on their minds - the right to spawn with the seemingly disinterested females grazing nearby and trot away with the spoils. (Oh, we ladies can be so coy at times).

After viewing this incredible display of God's creation, the train continued its trek up the mountain and the onlookers broke out in cheers. The tour guide enthusiastically shouted, "Folks, I want you to give yourself a big hand! I've never seen such a display on any of my trips up the mountain. Give yourselves a round of applause for seeing this magnificent sight today!" The entire coach broke out in wild cheers, applause, and congratulatory back slaps. Well, not the entire coach.

I looked at Steve and said, "Why in the world would we give ourselves applause? Why are these people clapping? We had absolutely nothing to do with it. God placed that in front of us for our enjoyment. He allowed a sneak peek at His divine creation. All we did was decide to get on the train."

Then I heard God speak to my heart. Happens all the time.

O, dear friend. God has given us an incredible gift of salvation. We neither earned it, merited it, nor deserved it. If we could, it would not be referred to as a gift. Salvation is not something that we need to congratulate ourselves for. We actually have nothing to do with it. All we did was decide to get on the train. But praise God, He has promised us the ride of our lives filled with incredible displays of His splendor. We don't have to earn it. We simply have to accept it.

As we begin our day, let's give God the round of applause He deserves each and every day!

Let's Pray
(As you pray today, consider standing on your feet and giving God a hearty round of applause. The Bible calls this a praise offering! Clap your hands all you people!)

Dear Lord, I am speechless because of Your goodness to me. So today, I stand, lift my hands, and offer up a rip-roaring round of praise-clapping hands to You! In Jesus' Name! Amen!

Now It's Your Turn
When was the last time you took credit for something God did in your life? Boy, that was a personal question, wasn't it? I'm asking myself that very question too.

As you go throughout the day, make a list of all the reasons God deserves applause.

If you have children, ask them to do the same. Then at mealtime, share your lists. Consider giving God a round of applause as a family!

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  • Hallelujah praise God for this readings you know I love how there are people in the world in all their conversation no matter what it is you will always here God in it, I pray that one day I mature to this level in my walk with Christ because something like seeing rams do what they did I have to be honest the first thing that would of came to my mind wouldn't been lets give God a round of applause for these creatures just being honest. 


    But yes I have to say God is a good God and he's done so many wonderful things that I can not put into world I would be here forever that how awesome our God is! We can thank him and thank him and that wouldn't even be enough lol. But yes I will put into practice what you just said in this reading stand up on my feet and just offer him a praise that can't even began to put into word and just clap my hands 👏👏👏👏👏👏 praise God and will be writing the list and sharing at meal time or throughout the day period and give God a round of applause ne'eman.


  • My God, My God, My God, is all we can say. This is such a new way to have Gratitude to God even more. As the Pastor stated, all they did was got on the train, yet everyone tried to get the GlorYAH. Many times we as God-children do not praise him as we should when it comes to his deeds, acts, marvels, miracles, blessings, and manifestations. Us as humens(yes we said humens) because on Ressurection Sonday we learned the truth of what(aMan) means. We try to get accolades for something we have anything to do with. Why? Because, we grew up with rejection, abandonment, abuse of all kinds(mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and more). We tend to look for love and approval in all places. It does not matter where we get it from, we just have a need and want for it. This happens because we have not eliminated, annihilate, and expel the flesh wholeheartedly. This is somewhat of what we had learned in the Happiness class about our inner child crying out for attention. King David said it best:

    Psalm 150 Names of God Bible (NOG)

    Psalm 150


    Praise El in his holy place.
        Praise him in his mighty heavens.
    Praise him for his mighty acts.
        Praise him for his immense greatness.
    Praise him with sounds from horns.
        Praise him with harps and lyres.
    Praise him with tambourines and dancing.
        Praise him with stringed instruments and flutes.
    Praise him with loud cymbals.
        Praise him with crashing cymbals.

    Let everything that breathes praise Yah!


    When he wrote this praise love letter God, it was him casting out and loosing himself from all self-shackles, self-chains, self-cords, self-habits, self-identities, and all parts of his flesh/self, that hinders him from walking in the true essence and anointing of God..

    When the ram begins to bump heads it shows how we as people bump heads a lot, because many of us, want to be in control. At the top and over everything and everyone. The thing is with the two male rams, if they were not so stubborn, big-headed, and prideful/arrogant they would have looked all around the land/earth, and see there is enough space for both of them to live in.

    My God, it is just like us as people we do not know that we live in an abundant universe/earth and Kingdom, it is enough for us to live in, thrive, prosper, flourish, and be established. 

    The last time, I had taken credit for something God has done for me, and I know it was him who did it, I had told someone I had paid these bills all by myself. Man listen, God checked me so fast and said no you did not, you did not pay one thing. He said(I AM your Provider). He said, I multiply and increase your income into five-barley loaves and two fish miracle. He said don't you ever forget it. Ever since then we say God is our Landlord, God is our utility bills owner, God is our car dealerShift, God is our bank manager, and we give God all the adoration and praise for everything in our life. HalleluYAH, Tonight we are going to write a list and do it with our family therefore, we can have praise and gratitude to God.

    God had given me a saying when I feel GOOD(Gratitude Opens Opulence Demonstrations) I Am automatically feeling GOD(Grace Of Daddy). Thank you Abba Yohani for being the love of our life. We must embrace the Wisdom of the Esoteric vibration of God, with the 7 horns of God(Divine Prophetic Utterances). We are going to forever give you around of applause Yahweh-Nissi(Our Banner).

    Yah is my strength and my song. He is my Savior. This is my El, and I will praise him, my father’s Elohim, and I will honor him.
    Bible Gateway passage: Exodus 15:2 - Names of God Bible
    Yah is my strength and my song. He is my Savior. This is my El, and I will praise him, my father’s Elohim, and I will honor him.

  • Due to the fact it only took one time for me to do that and realize what I had done. For some reason after that I was afraid to take the credit or the applause from God; No matter in God out of God, I knew He was the one that allowed or stepped into do a thing that no man could’ve done. For instance bring my youngest child through heart surgery at the age of 2; My prayer is that God will continue to correct me, convict me when I even think of taking His Applause, His Glory, My God. He deserve an applause for allowing me to wake up- open to His Sunlight, hearing either the wind, or birds, or just silence in the atmosphere; allowing me to walk, move my body, speak, make healthy choices, He allowed me to enjoy two health boys, and four grand babies; a vigorous mind; a wholesome and nourishing life; He deserve an round of applause and a standing ovation, a bowing down, tip my hat, a shout; because He made it possible for me to have eternal life…  My Lord!!!

  • Yes LORD for me and my family we will give you a standing ovation of applause from this day forward AMEN.

  • God has and Is still being so good to me and as the song says,  IF YOU ONLY KNEW MY STORY!

    Even today, my back might be up against  the wall, I still have faith in knowing that he will bring me through and I have to give him handclap, foot stomping Praise....  I'm going to Praise my way through it....HALLELUJAH


  • Every chance I get I give God praise......with my hands, mouth, feet because He have been just that good. Even when I am at my lowest God still get a praise out of me cause I can't afford not to praise Him.

  • Every chance I get I give God praise......with my hands, mouth, feet because He have been just that good. Even when I am at my lowest God still get a praise out of me cause I can't afford not to praise Him.

  • This article is absolutely amazing it just shows how wonderful GOD has made is at work daily. All we need to do is look and pay attention to his glory being revealed all around us. This was a great reading.

    • Yes Evangelist Bobie. it is a great read, and truly mindful of all God has done for us, I mean just for us. Bring tears to my eyes, when I think of all that I have done, out in the world, but He and only Him seen fit to save me. My God. Thanks for sharing. 

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