Blessings RPELF, how are you all doing on this Terrific day?

We will talk about a few things today; we are going to talk about fasting, consecration, and how to see results from it.

We know many of you have been fasting for a long time, and it even became a part of your lifestyle. Fasting, maybe a weekly, monthly, or even yearly thing. However, you have ever been taught the mysteries, revelations, or truth behind fasting.

As we all know (Isa 58) is one of the most powerful chapters on how to fast. This chapter has so many different dimensions, hidden gems in it, healing, freedom, breakthroughs, prophecy, anointing, wisdom, and revelation. 

Yet, we still do not know the true horizons or elements of what this chapter or fasting is.

We will ask a few questions below and give you the revelational Kingdom insight that Abba has given to us.  As we had a biology session in this chapter today. We pray that these gems will bless you, as it has blessed us.

What are fasting and consecration?

Have you fast and consecrate yourself and still do not see the results you desire?

Do you fast and still feel empty?

Have you fast and your mind, soul, and spirit, still not into it?

Have you fast, and right afterward, you feel negative, have an immediate test, and think negative after you finish?

How about this one, the minute you are off your fast, someone calls you with negative information, or your spouse, children, family, or friend, talk to you in a very negative way?

If your answer is yes, or you have answered yes to all these questions, there is no need to negative about yourself.

We are about to give you the healing, freedom, breakthroughs, and revelations in this chapter on fasting.

You are about to learn how to pass every test and come out victorious after fasting. 

Are you ready to walk in your new Divine healing, freedom, have a new breakthrough, and walk in a new Divine frequency of God?

Let us dive right into this teaching and move forward in this chapter.

In (vs. 1 of Isa 58), it says Cry aloud! Do not hold back! Raise your voice like a ram’s horn. When you read that while you are fasting and studying, what do you think? Do you think it means cry naturally? Do you think it means to pray in a loud voice while you are praying? Well, that is so far from the truth; this is not what it means at all. 

Cry aloud! Don't hold back! Means: Turn up your volume in your spirit, turn the supernatural channel you are on UP(Unlimted Prophecy). Turn up the bass and amplifier on your supernatural stereo. Did you know the Greek word Stereo means (Strength, Power, and Authority)?

In (Acts 3:1-11), the Apostle Peter walked in his Divine Stereo; he used his power, anointing, strength, and authority. By healing the man who was paralyzed. Because he pumped up the volume and turned to a different supernatural channel.

In (Acts 16:4-5) the Apostles used the greatest weapon, ever been invented {their mouths} with authority, anointing, and acceleration, by strengthening the Body of Christ, to cry aloud, and not hold back, on their power. 

The Greek word (Stereo) is a verb, it is an action word, and you cannot see the results of power, authority, anointing, or strength unless you open your mouth. [stereo G4732]

This verse is telling us to turn up our spirit, anointing, activate our power, charge up our strength, and utilize our authority when you open our mouth. Do not be afraid; do not have anxiety, weakness, or doubt.

 The rest of verse one states, Raise your voice like ram’s horn! Do you think that this means go, and buy a shofar? Play some instrumental music in the background of some horns? No, that is so far from the truth. We taught 4 years ago that ram’s horn means Prophetic utterance, prophecy, prophetic mantle, prophetic anointing, and allowing your voice to be used, like a trumpet/horn in Zion.

We even have a few acronyms for the word HORNS (Heaven Open Realms Nationwide Supernaturally, He’s Omnipresent Releasing Now Supremacy, and Healing, Obedience, Restoration, New Supernova-Shift).

The horns of God (ram horns) mean authority, dominion, supremacy, anointing, and power. The other words in Hebrew and Greek words are (krato’s, dynamis, oz, and koah).

The Ram Horns of God is the Kingdom ability, royalty of God. It also symbolizes the anointing oil (when God anoints his chosen Royal Diadem). Read and Meditate on (1 Sam 16:1).

The ram’s horn is a Prophetic activation and impartation from the Heavens. It is decreeing in your Heavenly Language and allowing the Spirit to speak for you.

The Ram Horns is the voice of God, the thunder, the announcement, the sounding of the alarm, the directions, the instruction, the clarion call to praise, go to war/battle in the spirit, to destroy everything in your life, that is not like God. It is your voice, the sound, the echo wave (the sonic wave, quantum wave) of God’s Spirit (his Ruach Ha'Kadesh) speaking through your greatest weapon ever been invented, your mouth. What do we use to blow a horn and trumpet? Our mouths. The ram’s horn is the breath (Ruach/ Spirit) of God blowing from our belly and flowing in the Exosphere. It is the Apostolic and Prophetic Anointing that flows in our veins. It is the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in our DNA (Dimensions Needs Anointing).

It is the Sevenfold of the Holy Spirit of your visions, dreams, plans, and desires that you see with your new eyes of God. It is the call of Sweatless and Flawless Victory ( they used these when the walls of Jericho fell). Read and meditate on (Josh 6). The Patriarch Joshua had such great high demand of (oz, koah, dynamis, and krato) that everything came subject. The ram’s horn means living and breathing in flawless and sweatless victory. Joshua and the warriors did not even bust a sweat; all they had to do is obey the instructions of the Lord. Follow his directions, and lead. Connect in synergy, unity, and one whole (which is Kingdom Transcending) and obtain a Flawless and sweatless victory (read and meditate on Ezek 44:17-18). 

When you utilize your power, authority, anointing, and strength of your prophetic utterance. The no-name/enemy will not even see you coming. Everything demonic, negative, and satanic will be destroyed by the anointing, and power works inside of you (Read and meditate on Eph 3:20).

In verses (2-6) teaching us to consecrate ourselves to God in mind, subconscious mind, soul/psyche, and spirit. These verses are teaching us how to be in Divine alignment with God, in every aspect of being. It shifts us into a place where we are in the GRID (God Reveals Instant Details) of the truth of his word, promises, and decrees. These verses teach us how to humble ourselves, show true agape love for ourselves and for others. The same way Christ loves the church, and he gave himCellf, and his life for it. Therefore, we can be holy, pure, consecrated, and devoted to him (Read and meditate on Eph 5:25-27).

These verses symbolize God's prophecy, the preaching, the teaching of God; it is a sound of encouragement; it is a sound of shifting for his children. It is a sound of celebration, rejoicing, and having a Holy Spirit fiesta, to have the gratitude of who God is in our lives.

The verses let us know we can lose negative chains out of our minds, hearts, souls, and spirits. Eliminating all the past by losing all impure thoughts. These verses let us know we can cast out all rebellion and disobedience toward God. Because we have the anointing, power, strength, authority inside of us to be free. When we stay tune into the channels of God’s tower, we can untie and expel all oppression, straps of yokes, oxen, burdens, habits, and cycles off of our lives.

Right now, right where you are, hold your hands up, and say (I Am expelling and casting out all oppression, yokes, and oxen off my life now in Jesus).

Verses (7-10) teach us how-to walk-in unity, God’s Divine synergy, harmony, in-sync, and being connected to each other, with forgiveness, love, true repentance in the mind, and generosity.

These powerful verses give us the supernatural access key on how to live in Heavenly Dimensional vibrations. It deposits in us a new spirit of giving and sharing with others. We learn how to start sharing spiritual and natural food, manna, wisdom, encouragement, motivation, inspiration, information, and education to everyone who is hungry for Yahweh.

In these verses, we learned how to see God with ourselves and celebrate the anointing over your life. In these verses, we learn how to be naked and unashamed, in the presence of God, and accept what he uncovers. It shares with us how to be intimate with God, and by taking all our clothes off. By seeing every flaw, and everything we hide and does not like within ourselves. My God/Papa in the Kingdom, this teaching right here is so personal and intimate for me. Because this is my own personal study, however, God told me to share this with all of you today. Because he said, someone is going to read this and be free, while, and after reading this teaching.

Ok, let us get back to this off the chain study.

These verses are a supernatural call to assemble the Kingdom believers to assemble for Unified Breakthroughs, Unified Healing, and Unified Miracles, Unified Manifestations, Unified Marvels/wonders, and Unified Wealth Transfers. When we are all one accord, we can achieve, accomplish, and do anything. God himCellf, said this in (Gen 11:6). He had to tell the Trinity, and all the Heavens, to come down and look at the people's unity. He said nothing is difficult for them; he let us know in the verse; we can do anything. Why? Because the only way we go is UP( Unlimited Power) there is strength in numbers, there is Authority in two or more people in unity. HalleluYAH!

In addition, we learned God’s Divine Algorithm in these verses, on how to be in his zone, elements, supernatural transmission tower, and in his throne room. Because he tells us in (verse 8) our health is springing forth quickly, speedily, expeditiously, instantly, and miraculously, because we consecrate ourselves.

He is sharing with us when we do everything above that we talked about in (verses 1-7). We can walk, breathe, and live in Divine Kingdom Autonomy (Freedom). Don’t you know you have the power, strength, authority, anointing, and dominion to heal yourself? You are the automatic doctor, physician, and medicine that heals yourself. Read and Meditate on (Luke 4:23).

It is vital, and a mandate of God, for us to fast, consecrate, use our voices as a Prophetic Horn. This is how breakouts, burst through, and breakthroughs happen through the Dynamis (power within). Yeshua/Jesus said it best; the Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:20-21).

Did you know that God, given us the authority to have faith to command the blood covering, healing, and peace (Shalom) of God in our lives daily?

In the closing verses (9-14), God desires us to ask him for HELP (Healing Eternal Living Power and Heaven Emerge Lives Prophetically). He is ready to assist us at any time; first, we will have to do it from within (Internally/Eternally). Then he will assist us without(externally). He has given us the Divine Power Surge to destroy the negative demonic yokes that block and hinder us from living in freedom.

God has given us the supernaturally Kingdom ability to manifest all things that is unknown or have not been seen or heard of since biblical days or in days of the old. Read and Meditate on (1 Corinth 2:9). God guides us constantly and gives us heavenly satisfaction, even during hot places, challenges, errors, and tests.

God is given us the dominion to strengthen our bones, nerves, vessels, veins, arteries, cells, and sinews. He is positioning us to be a well-watered garden, an open tunnel, an open portal, and a river, ultimate streams flowing out a cascade of multiple outlets of living active water. Read and meditate on (John 7:38).

Now is the time to rebuild your walls (spiritually, naturally, intellectually, financially, mentally, socially, economically, and environmentally). It is time to eliminate, cast out, expel, and rebuke all ancient, generational, and past ruins. When you do this, then and only then, you will start to see God, repair, restore, revive, and reset the foundation of your life. Yahweh is the repairer of the breach; he turns all breach things around. He gives us the anointing and power to rebuild and remodel damaged walls. Elohim (My-Whole backward) is the recompense and rewarder of anyone that diligently and constantly see him out (Heb 11:6). He is waiting to restore our streets, cities, states, countries, and nations where his people live. He is waiting for us to take direct action.

In the old song by the rapper Redman (Time for some action).

We are about to start riding on a new spiritual plane to the heights of the earth, the heavens, and YOUniverse (You-In-Verse, means being one with scriptures). We are about to be connected to the new WIFI (Wisdom Is Financial Increase). God is unleashing and releasing Quantifiable data, new visions, plans, kingdom insight, Divine Brilliance, and copious amounts of pinnacles (ascendancy, dominant power, kingdom authority, supremacy influence). He promised us he would feed us the inheritance of Jacob, and he forever keeps his promise, no matter what. Read and Meditate on (Num 23:19).

Some of you are about to experience new oracles, new recognition(acknowledgment), new identification, new appreciation, new kingdom philosophy, and new horama’s (visions in Greek) from God.

We pray that this teaching has given you a new revelation and understanding on how to fast and consecrate yourself in your mind, body, and spirit. Now you know the truth of what this chapter and saying.

May you all have a Tremendously Blessed day on Purpose, Agape~.





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  • HalleluYah im greatfull to have read this reading. More insight for me to have when learning all over again how to fast the correct way. This was informative for me. Im starting right away doing new things using my new knowledge to fast. Im excited to know this. about concerating.  My answer is Yes to all the questions. Negativity comes in like a flood when i get off my fast. Or during. But Mostly off. Im glad i have this insight to help me and knowing im not alone going through it all helps alot as welll. My God im excited for this and the oracles happening in me now and recognition thats taking place. New Kingdom knowledge and Hormas vision taking place. Yess. This has been a challenge every fast for me glad i was blessed to read this and apply it all right away. 

  • Yes we know the true. But the big question of it all is we going to apply it. We can read it all day it's nothing but just words if we don't apply it. To answer all of your questions the all where Yes! I don't know why if feel the way I should. I know I shouldn't however, it has to be something that is deep down inside of me. I'm like Apostle Paul I want to do what is right. However, I really am battle within me. This fight is no ready to release me. However, I am ready to release it. It doesn't means me no good. If I'm fasting my flesh and trying to get cleansed should it just leg me instead of fighting me. The war will forever go one until we get rid of it completely. 

    • Bless you Eagle Eye Prophetess Lapresha 

      You said the key 🔑 statement, we can read it, and know it all day, but, are we going to obey, and apply it(do it). 

      As long as you live, your flesh will be in battle with you. However, when(win) you know you have Supreme Victory over it. All is Well with you. Continue to do the process, allow it to be a part of your lifestyle. Repetition is one the main strategies to Kingdom Success. It allows you be disciplined and focused, on all the assignments the Lord gives you. HalleluYAH

  • Praise God Apostle Teyshana [HOST], In our early years of real salvation, we develop a serious relationship with God; He begin to teach us about several things, and one was fast, that’s why we appreciate Isaiah 58, that was our beginning. We know and realize over the years how important, vital real fasting is and we take it seriously. In all there is much to learn, and we are forever learning, this reading enlighten some things within usGod’s Divine Algorithm, His procedure, process, of being in His zone; this was an awesome read and we thank you so much for sharing with us. My God, HalleluYAH!

    • Blessings and GM Pastor Patricia Johnson 

      (Host) how are you doing on this Terrific day 🌄?

      HalleluYAH, you are correct; when we take fasting seriously, it then becomes a valid part of our lives. When we begin to know that it is a Divine Mandate of God, we start to see 👀 all of his great Divine promises manifested.

      Jesus, said the eye 👀 is the Lamp 🔦 to the Soul/Psyche, and it must not be dim, if so it will damage, the whole body. Read and Meditate on( Math 6:22-24). The reason why he said that is because, it is the natural and supernatural optics, to hearing, listening, learning, and obeying him. Optasia, is one of the Dimensions of the Seer's Anointing, and it is how we see things from the past, present, and future.

      My God/Abba, in the Kingdom, as you taught us last year, our Supernatural Retina. HalleluYAH, this teaching right here was studied fresh off the press, on day 2 of our consecration. We can only imagine what day 4 today, is going to be like. 

      May you have a Terrifically Blessed day on Purpose. Love you to Divine Healing, and the Heaven's and beyond.


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