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Listen and Obey: A New Realm of Prophetic Revelation God is Inviting Us to Tap Into, by Dutch Sheets. Week five, reading.

Make Time...

Properly responding to life's seasons of transition yields beautiful harvests in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Persevering through long stretches of waiting and enduring through the sometimes heart-wrenching challenges that come with change are not easy feats.Nonetheless, if we position our hearts rightly, we will arrive at the horizon of that season victoriously.

In my 35 years of ministry, I have been through quite a bit of transition. In the past three years alone we have transitioned out from a 20-year tenure pastoring a healthy church in Colorado, to supporting a youth ministry in Alabama, and now serving as Executive Director of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX. And we are still in transition, still receiving new assignments, and still seeking Holy Spirit's direction on how to carry them out. It's keeping us young!

Despite the drastic shifts in location and assignment, my life mandate has not changed. Dutch Sheets Ministries (DSM) remains steadfast in carrying out an apostolic mandate to restore hope to America and be a voice for awakening and reformation. Every weekend, I am traveling for DSM and laboring for this great cause. Since the start of this calendar year, I have ministered in over two-dozen cities across the nation, stirring the Church to pray, challenging Believers to be the Ekklesia, and fanning into flame the fires of revival and awakening.

All along this journey, through the transitions and the waiting, from one assignment to the next, as well as in steadfast pursuit of awakening and reformation, the most important lesson I've learned has been:make time to listen to and obey God's voice.

A New Level of Listening, Discerning and Seeing

Many of us have arrived at the place where we stand today only because we've been diligent to lean in to hear the voice of the Lord. Nonetheless, I feel very strongly in my spirit, that to arrive at our next great horizon, we must go to a new level of listening, discerning, and seeing in the SpiritThere is a new realm of prophetic revelation God is inviting us to tap into that will take us to a greater level of authority and assignment.

There are new paradigms and strategies being released to the Church that are vital for successfully moving forward into the next season. We cannot allow our attention to be divided. We must identify and remove anything that is crowding out His voice. Not only must we incline our ears to hear what Holy Spirit is saying to us, we must be willing to obey. We must bring ourselves under the authority of what we hear, to submit to it and follow it through to obedience.

One thing is certain; God has faithfully met me with an increase of anointing with every step of obedience in my personal life and ministry. And as we continue to listen and obey, we are seeing God raise us up into higher levels of authority and influence.

But this is for everyone! This promise of increase is available to you too!The Church has moved into a season of increase. It's yours for the taking!

For those who are hungry, for those who are diligent to listen and willing to obey, there is increase available – increased anointing for signs, wonders, evangelism, prayer, prophecy, and more.

Lean in close; He is speaking in the quiet. Posture your heart to obey breakthrough and increase await.

Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries

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Being in the posture to hear God becomes easier when you develop the habit of listening to him daily.
Blessings Evangelist Vanessa Harvell
..I would like to say Amen to that

Evangelist Vanessa Harvell said:

Vanessa Harvell said:


This is a wake up call, has spoke to my spirit. I will serve. Amen

Praise God for this lesson, I feel that God is talking to my spirit in this lesson, on what the church need to be hearing during their weekly services and that is (TRUST AND OBEY) .An example i can use, is to lead the people to understand how God chose and guided Abraham because of his faith and obedience. Everyone needs to know that God has specially created them for a unique purpose. God chose and guided Abraham as an example of how He blesses those who trust and obey Him. God not only calls Abraham out of his familiar surroundings but sets him apart for special service, blessings and future multiplication purposes. I must Ask God to help me realize all the ways that Abraham did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God. (Gen. 11:27-12:20) Great people of faith act in such a way that they have a confident expectation that God will do what He says. Abraham experienced some anxious moments, but refused to give in to fear and looked beyond the superficial difficulties to move where God directed him to go. The book of Deuteronomy chapter 7 speaks about God’s commands to conquer and obey. The Israelites were commanded to follow God’s statutes to keep themselves away from all the works of evil. When they obey, all God’s blessings will be showered in their lives. It, thus so is the same thing that will happen to us when we obey the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit..One of my favorite Spiritual songs is “Trust and Obey” because it sums up God’s purpose for our lives. When we practice these two commands, a beautiful cycle begins. Trusting the Lord makes obedience easier, and obedience produces ever-increasing trust. I can recall facing a challenge that was difficult and  perplexing And realized how important  these two commands were. When the Lord calls you to a task that seems unreasonable, you have two options. You can obey Him even though you don’t understand what will happen, or you can become fearful and attempt to find a way out. Joshua chose the first option. Because he trusted the Lord, he disregarded all his military experience and adopted God’s bizarre battle plan. Over the years, he had learned that the Lord is perfectly trustworthy. So i thank God again for this lesson of (TRUST AND OBEY) to me this is an important Key in my Leadership Office and Position in Christ.

We need to always seek God for direction and listen and walk in it not just hear.


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