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•Proverbs 10:4- Fearful, idle, procrastination, and slothful individuals, are soon poverty-stricken, lack, and struggling. Diligent, persistent, and dedicated individuals get wealthy, prosperous, abundantly rich, and kingdom luxurious.
•Proverbs 29:25 -Being afraid of individuals is a threatening trick and pitfall. However, depending, and relying on the Lord means protection from everything.
•Proverbs 19:20-21-Gather all the guidance, direction, counsel and information you can. Therefore, you will obtain wisdom, an abundance of knowledge, and kingdom understanding your entire life. Then when you make huge plans, it will be the Lord ’s divine purpose, that will succeed, and establish it.
•Proverbs 3:9-Respect the Lord with your money, riches, and wealth, with the greatest part of everything you harvest and collect.
•Proverbs 8:21-Those who love me(Wisdom) will inherit and possess riches, an abundance of wealth, and prosperity. Then I will fill up, all of your treasures guaranteed.
•Proverbs 11:16- The same way a thief, violent and dishonest man, can become rich. Is the say way a beautiful and Intelligent woman, will obtain wealth, riches, honor, and success.
•Proverbs 11:24- When we give to others freely, we become extremely wealthy, prosperous, and established. When we are stingy and keep our hands closed, we lose everything.

 Proverbs 13:11-Treasures and money from get-rich-quick schemes soon will disappear;  fortunes, wealth, and riches from hard work increase day-by-day.

 Proverbs 13:22-Wise individuals leave a legacy, bequest, and secure heritage to their children, grandchildren,  and great-grandchildren.  However, the know it- all are the brainless, money, wealth, riches, assets, and financial resources will move to the wise, and kingdom children.

 Proverbs 14:24- Treasures, Riches, Wealth, and Blessings is a crown, around the head for the wise individuals. However, the attempt of the brainless cautions only idiocy.

•Proverbs 18:11-Millionaires, billionaires, and extremely wealthy individuals, think of their money as a powerful security; they visualize it to be a tall wall of protection
• Proverbs 19:4- Riches, Success, and Prosperity will bring you multiple “friends”; lack, poverty,  and struggle, will push them all away.
•Proverbs 19:14- Wise Fathers sometimes give their sons, deeds/titles of houses, land, buildings,  and abundance of wealth. However, the Lord is the only one, who can give a wise, virtuous, intelligent, humble, and anointed wife.
•Proverbs 21:6- Riches created by a false, lying, and deceitful tongue is a disappearing fog and is a very lethal trick, that will trap you.
•Proverbs 21:20-Wise Individuals, have unlimited riches, an abundance of wealth and kingdom luxury guaranteed. However, the know-it-all’s and brainless will spend every single dime they collect.
•Proverbs 23:5-Fast, as you can blink your eye, riches, money, and wealth, will vanish, as if it will develop feathers/wings, and mount up, away like a bald eagle.
•Psalm 15:5-Individuals who lend money, wealth, or resources without charging interest, will stand solid for eternity. Because, they cannot be hoodwinked, to lie on innocent people.   
•Ecclesiastes 2:26- God deposits abundance of knowledge, wisdominion abilities and heavenly bliss to those who are delighted with him. However,  if an offender and a rogue individual become prosperous, rich, and successful. God takes their abundance and funds away from them. Then he gives it to whoever, he chooses, this is pointless—like running after a summer breeze, and breath.
•Ecclesiastes 5:10-Those who cherish wealth, cash, and riches will never have plenty. How useless to think that dollars and finances bring real pleasure?
•Song of Solomon 8:7- Multiple rivers cannot satisfy adoration, admiration and true love, even streams can flood it. However, if a man tries to purchase real love with all his money, his offer would be utterly scorned.
• Proverbs 11:25- The abundant, generous, and kind-hearted will bloom, thrive, prosper, and flourish. People who restore, revive, and replenish others will be refueled, recharged, and rejuvenated.
•Proverbs 15:23 A person have bliss, happiness, and joy by the phrase, words, and expression that comes out of their mouth. A decree, word, and affirmation at the right moment, oh how excellent, and great it can be for the individual. 
•Psalm 141:3-Allow a shield covering my  lips, Oh Lord;
 Observe extending directly above the entrance of my mouth.
•Psalm 142:5-7- I express and make a command to you, Oh Lord; I decree, “You are my shelter, security, safe-haven, and my element in the realm of the universe.” Be attentive to my expression Oh Lord, for I am in serious need for your assistance; free me from myself,  and others who try to hinder, stop, and block me, from moving forward. Release me, and loose me from my own personal jail, prison, chains, shackles, and deep abyss, that I have made for myself. Therefore, I can celebrate, glorify, and praise your Holy name. Then the blessed, virtuous, and upstanding will come together, on one accord concerning me, because of your greatness towards me.
•Isaiah 55:6-Search the Lord while you can find him. Contact and communicate with him now while he is in the midst.
•Isaiah 26:4-Rely and Depend on in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting Jewel and the surface of the universe/earth realm.
•2 Chronicles 1:11-12-God said to King Solomon, “Because your deepest desire is to give, and help the people in the kingdom. In your request, you did not ask me for wealth, millions, riches, or to be famous, You did not ask for the death of your enemies, or a long productive life.  However,  you asked me for understanding, wisdom, and knowledge to effectively govern, and lead my children. However, I will give you the understanding you seek, I will give you a new deposit of wisdominion abilities, an abundance of knowledge that the universe has never seen or- will ever see again.  In addition, you will have unlimited riches, decillion’s finances, wealth, currencies, honor, possessions of everything you desire. You shall be exceedingly famous in such a way, that no other king has ever had before you, or after you in the future!”
•2 Chronicles 17:5- The Lord had given King Jehoshaphat’s jurisdiction over the realm, land, universe, kingdom, and earth realm of Judah. All the individuals of Judah were bringing good gifts, surprises, offerings, seeds, and donations to King Jehoshaphat. Therefore, he became extremely prosperous, mega-rich, exceedingly wealthy and greatly respected.
•2 Chronicles 32:27-29- King Hezekiah was unanimous favored, royal achieved, extremely wealthy, superabundantly rich, and very established. He designed outstanding treasury buildings for his platinum silver, gold, valuable stones, seasonings, for his swords, shields and other important items.  He also designed many stores for his bread, precious new wine, olive oil; and he designed many stables for all his animals. He designed multiple cities, with everything he wanted, and desired in them,  because God blessed him, and given him a great fortune.
•Psalm 119:45-I will walk, and leap at freedom/ liberty: because I aim, apply, and seek it’s command, rule, decree, and prescript.
•Proverbs 13:12-Wishing will make the mind and heart very ill. However, an inspired and dream fulfilled life is a tree of living in faith every day.
•Psalm 33:11- The Lord’s proposals(plans) is positioned and structured for eternity;
    his desires can never be moved, vibrated, or rocked.
•Job 12:13- The true abundance of knowledge, understanding, wisdominion abilities and power are found directly in God; guidance, direction, and comprehension belong to him.
•Psalm 32:8-The Lord said, “I will lead you along the greatest entrance, and doorway of your life. I will also teach you, direct you, give you pointers, and counsel you.
•Proverbs 20:18- Dreams, visions, and goals are successful and prosperous through positive insight. Do not be in a battle with yourself-or-failure, because you did not listen to established teachers, with wise counsel?


P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible(PKDB)

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Must mediate on these scriptures 

Amen Glory to God for these Powerful scriptures

  • Proverbs 10:4- Fearful, idle, procrastination, and slothful individuals, are soon poverty-stricken, lack, and struggling. Diligent, persistent, and dedicated individuals get wealthy, prosperous, abundantly rich, and kingdom luxurious.

•Proverbs 29:25 -Being afraid of individuals is a threatening trick and pitfall. However, depending, and relying on the Lord means protection from everything


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