Gordon McDonald has identified five types of people that we meet with:

VIPs (Very Important People)–These people are important because they are your proven leadershifters- the staff and student leaders of your movement. It’s very easy to neglect these people because they often seem to be self-motivated and self-sufficient. They are not the ones screaming for your attention. These people, however, are those that you should give yourself to. What you do with these people is what they will do with the people God gives them. The principle is this: Invest the maximum amount of time with those who are assuming the maximum responsibility for the future of the movement.


VTPs (Very Teachable People)–These are your progressing leaderShifters–the next generation of leaderShifters, the leaders of your movement in the coming years.


VNPs (Very Nice People). These are the people who are good people… nice people but are just not going anywhere. If we had unlimited time and energy we could meet with everybody, but we don’t. We have to make choices for the good of everyone involved in your movement.


VDPs (Very Draining People). These are the people who often are demanding your time. Meeting with you, the team leaderShifter(Overseer/CEO and Senior Pastor) gives them a sense of importance. Their main tool for motivating you to give them your time is guilt. After spending one-hour “counseling” with them, four hours of energy has been drained from your life. Learn to distinguish between the genuinely needy and the chronically needy. Howard Hendricks says, “Don’t meet with anyone who demotivates you.” Meet with anybody for one time but don’t make VDPs a part of your regular schedule.


VRPs (Very Resourceful People). These are people who minister to you–those who recharge your spiritual batteries, refill your spiritual reservoir. It may be a mentor, your pastor(Overseer, Covering and Senior LeaderShifter) another director, a past director or discipler, or maybe just a good friend. All of us need VRPs in our life. Take time to cultivate this special God-given relationShifts. If no one is available locally for you to talk with, pick up your cell phone call them. Inbox, text, or email them. You most definitely want to stay connected to this individual always. 

As a leader, you should probably spend 90% of your time with VIPs, VTPs, and VRPs. I’d also suggest that you make this same guideline for people you minister to in the kingdom of God. Because if you don't you will find yourself being connected to VNP and VDP. This will hinder, block, stop, and eliminated your Kingdom Ministerial Journey in God.

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  • Ne'eman I agree that we should spend 90%of our time with tue VIP VTP and VRPs this will help us in our journey of success. And we should be inspire on the way and encourage Ne'eman

    • I totally agree with you Prophetess Domonquie we must definitely give our for percentage. We must be VIP, VTP, VRP because we need to help ourselves and others.

  • Praise God, we are trying to take hold of this, but as the Article from our Spiritual Grandma; Watch what and who you let in. Things seems to be one thing or people seems to one way, but when it is all said and done, there was a hidden motive after all. Lord Help Me to Trust.

  • Ne’Eman, in Ministry, I try to spend the most time with the VIP, VRP and VTP.  These are the ones who have proven themselves or they are reachable or the pour back into you.  As a Leadershifter, the higher God elevates you, the more you must keep track of your time.  I agree, do not constantly meet with the VDP, because you cannot afford to be drained in Ministry.  That is why many people in Ministry are not happy.  They associate and invest in the wrong people who want to guilt and manipulate them.  This was powerful and I thank God for this Divine Words of Wisdom so that we can keep our happiness and sanity by investing in those we should and let go of those we should not.  

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