Seer's Devotional Realm Day 13

But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

Today’s Devotional There is only one dependable, unshakable guide through the minefield of supernatural encounters. In a world filled with spiritual voices of the New Age and voices of every other type and description, Christians need to know how to make their way through a spiritual field littered with hidden (and deadly) weapons of the enemy designed to wound or destroy the unwary and the undiscerning.

Entire segments of the Body of Christ have “written off” the supernatural aspects of God’s Kingdom and His workings in the Church today because of fears about being deceived and led astray. Others have written these off due to excess, abuse, and the bad testimony left behind by lone rangers who are not accountable to anyone in the Body of Christ. The prophetic has been given a bad rap at times, but some of the wounds have been self-inflicted. Nonetheless, God does speak to His people today, and He is very capable of preserving us from harm and deception. Since the Bible is our absolute standard against which we must test all spiritual experiences, it should be obvious that we need to know and study God’s Word.

God has also ordained that we find safety in our relationship to a Bible-believing fellowship. The following building blocks must be firmly in place before we begin to investigate the principles of testing spiritual experiences. Soberly estimate your personal status for each question.

1. Am I regularly studying the Scriptures?

2. Am I maintaining a life of prayer?

3. Am I seeking purity, cleansing, and holiness in my life?

4. Am I a worshipful member of a congregation/ministry?

5. Am I committed to a few powerful and have a relationship with people in ministry who can speak into my life?

Meditation What would you think if you had a spiritual experience that made your hair stand on end?

Would you write it off as absolutely satanic or “off the wall” because it didn’t fit your theological code?

Many people would and do. Supernatural encounters are real. The seer dimension into the spirit world is not something relegated to yesterday—it exists today and is on the rise!

The question we must answer is: do all such revelatory encounters come from the one true God, or can there be other sources?

How can we tell the source or nature of the spirit beings we encounter? What are the marks of a truly God-initiated encounter or revelatory experience?

Answer these questions with the Holy Spirit’s help, and allow God to speak directly as to where you need to go from here.

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  •  1. For us we had to start over and more than ever by regularly studying our scriptures there was a time where we would just briefly read over them and and we just decided to give it a more deeper look than what we were doing and so it's been these past few months that we started really reading scriptures regularly and first thing in the morning or in the middle of the day we make sure that we are reading regularly scriptures of the day so yes these past few months we have been regularly reading the scriptures. 

    2. For us the answer would be yes we are continuing a regular order a prayer every day we are maintaining our prayer life continually we pray and we see God about issues or complications that we may be having everyday it's a prayer it's a prayer life thing and it's definitely something that has stuck with us since we were a child from a teenager all the way up to adult so we have been definitely maintaining more in our prayer Life Giving more in our prayer life really going in there and going deeper in our prayer life using our Heavenly languages and it's a blessing to have a prayer life so yes we have been maintaining a prayer life with God committing ourselves to him through prayer and seeing him about everything that we have that we may need help with or healing from or just about anything you know that we need to be focused on HalleluYah.

    3. Answer. Yes we are seeking Purity Holiness and cleanliness in our life. We are starting over in our health we feel in our body that we are ready to lose weight we feel in our body that we are determined to lose 50 lb and spiritually we are ready to be cleansed as well 2 walk more in our cleansing in our spirit and to be open to more that God has for us to do and that would require us to remove some things in our spirit for God to do his thing and us so purifying cleansing us if that's what it takes you know releasing things that still needs to be removed in order for that to take place we are open to it and we are willing to remove it we're working on it now as we speak with God removing some things some hurt that's still there some doubt in our cells that is still there you know completely cleansing us out and purifying us so we can be used in the way that God is calling for for us to be used Hallelujah we still looking for God to help us in our minds and to advance it and increase our knowledge and our wisdom and a lot of different ways on how to stay holy and to walk continually in holiness HalleluYah.

    4. Answer is Yes we feel we are worshiful in the congregation. We stand in unity with everyone.  But we also have a ministry that we worship in but my Leaders worship with me in the ministry as well..we will have to come back to this question its a little tricky to explain.


    5. Yes..We are connected to a few ministies with Powerful Leaders here with I AM A Ruby. We do count ourselves as committed here. We can definitely step it up more but we are committed and here when needed. We was spoken to how to sway in certain situations to show our commitment even the more so and we will be taking action on it as of today. Learning to sway in Ministry is a must we see. And God is showing us now how to sway and be even more committed then before. YES im connected to Leaders i feel can really let me think about certain situations and they speak in Spirit and in truth. And it sometime may not regestier yet in that hour but later when i think about what was said all it all make since and i grab the understanding they are pouring into me. It takes me to a uplifting place that i never really thought to look at in that point of View before. Greatful to God for my Leaders. 

    Actually i was reading one night and i was thinking about how the prophet was saying if this is true then let fire come from heaven and it did on the people readind and thinking on it. was too real and it was a flash at my window like i actually saw the fire that fell all rush to my room and called the police because i thought someome was shooting at my car and the police came and checked it all no bullets was fired no fire works no foot prints was in the snow there was no sign of a person being by my house and i was like what?? and i asked my son did he see it he said yes but he woulda said yes even if he didnt so i didnt know what to think. i was shock in how real i was thinking and reading about the prophet that i thought it happen at my house. it was soo real to me. i was amazed there wasnt anything going on or looked like it did. I believe the encouter came from God. and yes they maybe others. But i feel that was directly from Him showing in spiritual since how real it can get. and yes i was afraid of God for awhile showing me that. 


  • 1: Mostly daily now, there was a time where I will only study on Sunday's or Saturday's everytime someone wanted me to do seed planting or something in the ministry. God has shifted me completly. He has shown me look where you can from. You wasn't studing my word at first or anything and look at you now. 

    2: I'm maintaining a prayer life daily as well. It used to be a time where I will only pray in the morning, and that was it. I used to only pray when I had to do prayer for someone in the ministry. But other than that I will only do morning prayer after I get off  work. Like I said before God has really shifted me, now I pray at least two of three times maybe for times a day now. My My I have Grown!

    3: Yes I am that's the whole reason why I'm searching for mycellf to find our about me and the Lord. I'm finding out what I like, or wat I don't like, what I can do, or what I won't allow mycellf to do anymore. My eyes has been awaken. Their was a time where I didn't study or cleansed anything out of my mind or body. My Father, Mother, God, is really working through me now. 

    4: Yes I am a worshifter, I used to worshift all the time. Now the worshifting part I did more than everything else. However, now my worshift is real and so profound that I don't need any music to worshift my Abba Father, he is all that I need. I love to worshift him for all the people in the minstry. I love to worshift him for my healing and my family healing. 

    5: Yes I do have a few powerful people in my life. To be honest I have a lot, I have my mother a.k.a. my apostle T, My sister, My spiritual Grandma Apostle Boatwright, My partners Pastor Patrica, and my Cousin Prophetess Domonique. My life is full of powerful people, I for sure the fisrt two people I mention always get me in check real quick. It's Good to have people to help you when you are not at your best. I kno my mother/ Apostle T and my sister will always try to talk to me I nevered wanted to listen to them at first. However, now I listen because God has placed them in my life for a reason. And now I try to practice what I preach, if I'mtelling people to obey they leader and I'm not doing it, what does that makes me?

    I'm not sure what I will do never had that experience before. What do you mean by hair stand? 

    Well back then I have see some stuff in the supernatural world , and coming bondly into the natural. Back then I wasn't afraid and now I'm not afraid.  We have dealt with some satanic stuff in my youth that's prolly why I tried to run away from it. Maybe I thought I need a break, in my natural body sense but my spirit was ready for war. It's lots of codes in the supernatural. 

    It can be both I think, I could be wrong I will have to study that to find out more but for my answer not I think both. You have to know which one is God and other sources.  

    By asking God to help us to the interpretation of my dream and he will do it for you. Only if you ask him and you have to remember the dream. It depends on what's the encounter, and what the encounter is about. God always desire to show us parts of him. He just want to see if we are ready for that type of encounter. 

  • 1Am I regularly studying the Scriptures?

    Yes, we know that is important, because if we don’t, we won’t be able to do God’s Will. We will be walking in disobedient; the word tells us to study, 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But with us we choose and desire to study, because we want to know God.

    2Am I maintaining a life of prayer?

    Yes, that a must, a vital part of our spiritual life. We know we are a intercessor prayer warrior, God has called us to pray, not due to circumstances, or problem, even though those incidents help created an prayer life, but it’s because God is there, the Anointing is there in our quiet place, answers is there, healing is there, direction is there. HalleluYAH..

    3Am I seeking purity, cleansing, and holiness in my life?

    My God yes, when God reveal the scripture to us. Romans 12:1I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. We take this so seriously and it’s God that gives us the strength, the wisdom to know this is essential.

    4Am I a worshipful member of a congregation/ministry?

    Yes, WOSV, I AM A Ruby,

    5Am I committed to a few powerful and have a relationship with people in ministry who can speak into my life?

    Yes, My God, HalleluYAH..


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