Seer's Devotional Realm Day 16

But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil (Hebrews 5:14).

Today’s Devotional Let me clarify that we are talking about two overlapping but different issues here: general discernment, which is a product of experience, discipline, and study; and discerning of spirits, which is a spiritual gift imparted by the Holy Spirit.

Discernment or distinguishing of spirits is different because it goes beyond our natural learning abilities. It is a supernatural gift from the Lord; we cannot earn it. No amount of human insight or learning will enable us to discern between spirits.

Only God can impart that ability, and He does so by His sovereign choice. General discernment and the discerning of spirits are different but related. The principles for growing in both arenas are the same, however: regular meditation on the Word of God and the crucible of life experience.

Discerning of spirits is the supernatural ability to distinguish not only between good and bad spirits, but also between various classes of spirits: The Holy Spirit Good angels Fallen angels demons or evil spirits The human spirit Sometimes when dealing with the spiritual realm, we can find ourselves facing “gray” areas where things are unclear. That is one time when we need the gift of discerning of spirits to clear away the gray and separate matters into black and white.

1. How would you rate your realm of general discernment? What experiences, discipline, and/or study have helped shape your general discernment?

2. How is discerning of spirits different from general discernment? Why is the Holy Spirit needed to impart this gift?

3. If general discernment and discerning of spirits are different, why are the principles for growing in both arenas the same? What are these principles? In what ways have these principles been effective in your life?

4. From your understanding, explain the various classes of spirits listed above. Have you been able to distinguish these classes? How can you grow in your awareness of these? Have you ever been trained in knowing how to discern spirits? If so, where? Do you use any of those class teachings to sharpen your discernment? 

5. What “gray” areas have you had to contend with when discerning spirits? What can help you distinguish between spirits?

Meditation Basically, discernment is perception, which can come in a variety of ways.

Sometimes it is as simple as an inner knowledge, a “gut feeling,” that we cannot explain, yet somehow know is real.

This kind of spiritual perception is often so subtle that we can easily miss it or attribute it to something else, such as a “hunch.”

Have you had “hunches” that turned out to really be spiritual discernment?

Have you thought you had spiritual discernment in something when in actuality it was your own “hunch”?

Think about how you will be able to tell the difference in the future.

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  • 1. We are going to say that we are at a number two with General discernment not sure if that's how you're not but that's where I feel we are at we are able to discern between good and bad and we're able to discern if a spirit is generational a lot of people have generational spirits and their families has been around for a long time and hasn't began to cast it out that's new for us to do as of this year actually we've been noticing and paying attention to those different generational spirits that are empty inside of people one occurrence we have watched was a young man life being took by another man and you could just see the spirit that's in him just plain as day you know how he has this hatred spirit and how he had the lack of knowledge spirit in him and you know and then the generational spirits of that hatred that was passed down from his family to him you could just see it in him and his face and how nonchalant he was just by killing this black man so we seen all sorts of different ones that was inside of him the insecurities and just mostly hate so we would say we're about to because we are starting over and it's all you know just starting to kick in. For us we learned about discernment of Spirits by taking the school of the prophets class and I am a ruby and it helped us to know what Spirits we were dealing with and was in front of us. Now there are some Spirits I need Clarity on and that's the best part about the class is because you can go back and re-read What Spirit it is if you're unsure. 

    2. We think it's because  a Discerning of spirits is basically going off of what you learn and the Holy Spirit is needed because you can detect if that's the spirit or not or is it something deeper or different so the holy spirit is needed because it takes you deeper in it and it can show you something different than what you may have learned it's like instinct like you know that that spirit is in there but there's something more in it and that's why you need the Holy Spirit to help you and Discerning what exactly that spirit is when you pray and you fast and you go to God you know and you ask for the Holy Spirit to lead you to learn or figure out what that spirit is so that's why we think the holy spirit is definitely needed because they can definitely pinpoint exactly what Spirit you are dealing with.

    3. We just read that the reason why is because they are related and you need to follow the principles of regular meditation and reading the word and praying to God about it for it to be in your spirit and knowledge book. For us we've grown by doing this now we do need to go more regularly and reading and growing and meditating on the word for it to be completely in our spirit and knowledge book so we can grow more stronger in our spiritual side in discerment. One of the ways that this principles have been effective in my life buy meditation we do need to meditate more far as studying the word when we get down to it and we get to fasting and things and be in our spirit it has helped us to be more quick to discern what's. It is normally it would take longer but for us to be doing it at a more than normal it's has helped us to be more quick in discerning what it is for one case we have my son came to me and he was feeling out of it he was saying that his head was hurting and I can immediately tell it was not he just wanted me to basically baby ham that's what I was picking up in my spirit that's what I was deserting and the minute that we were talking about getting something sweet to eat he all of a sudden said oh you know Mom I'm feeling fine my head doesn't hurt anymore. I just wanted to lay on you so I picked up right there. Just seeing how I picked it up so fast which is not as normal that he just wanted to be baby was different for me because normally I would have felt like fell for it like oh honey your head hurts but God had me tap in and discern that he didnt.  And I was able to tell that he didn't want anything but to be a baby and its head really did not hurt but I also told him that he shouldn't be claiming it because you will actually have a headache and the next day or two he did so we cast it out. and he was better later on in the day. 

    4. The good angels are the ones that God has put to give us back up if we need to call on them for more knowledge or protection or healing he has provided those good Angel to fight on our behalf. The Holy Spirit was sent to give us Grace and knowledge and give us a deeper understanding of what we're fighting up against. The Fallen Angels were angels that were basically kicked out of heaven for not doing their part in or wherever the assignment was they failed to do or failed to protect whoever it was they were assigned to protect. We learned that demons and evil spirits live inside of people they can't live without a body and only can enter when people allow them in and we learn that they are liars and they also can be in a form of light as well but one thing that they have in common is lying so even though they're in a form of light they do still lie because lies are master. Yes we have been able to distinguish in these classes learning about three spirits how we feel that we can grow and our awareness is by keep studying the spirits keep studying how they operate how they move and everything and will be able to detect them way faster. Yes we have been taught how to discern spirits by doing activation impartation classes we would activate our gifts and we would practice on each other and tell each other what we picked up on them and if God sends us a warning on what they should be watching out for we speak it will say what Spirits maybe around them or will say what's the cam or what we see in them growing towards is to activate your gifts and to keep them sharp so you're able to discern if that's another way how to learn by activation more frequently we learned all of this and I am a attending the School of the Prophets classes. Yes we go back to reread alot of things we learned. 

    5. For us are gray area was trying to get the proper name out of our mouths because things can't be called out unless they are called out by name so for us our gray area was correctly saying what the name was was our gray area what can help is me going back learning exactly what the name is because a lot of times we know what Spirit it is but to name it straight out right sometimes we don't feel that we say the right name that we're thinking of so far us it would be learning how to say the names out correctly so that and rereading it would help a lot. 


    Yes we have had a hunch before bout something happening and it was us in the prophetic and it happened. 

    Yes we had a hunch when we thought we were using spiritual discernment. Just a strong feeling that it was going to occure and when it didnt we were surprise.

  • 1.We feel that it's about medium, we say about a 70 or 80%; With carefully understanding the ideal of general discernment, which is the ability to obtain the truth or falsehood about something that is hidden, for instance a cover up within a common conversation. As stated in our reading “Only God can impart that ability”; We feel that our general discernment with God’s fine tuning us with what He place in us is pretty high, but sometimes it’s not revealed in certain areas, or certain settings, due to God not wanting it to come forth at that time. With our pass dealing with serious rejections, people saying one thing but doing something else and you are caught up in the midst of it, as people stand before you with enticing words and we’ll stop right there; we begin to ask God to show us, we begin to study in the word of God, begin to fast, ask for enhancement of our discernment.

    1. General discernment to us means just that general, you can general know when someone is lying or telling the truth, it could be there body language, words they say, or if you have heard the same thing but with different details. With discerning of spirits, that is much deeper, it goes beyond the humanist, it’s a spiritual encounter with the Holy Spirit. And it is much needed in our lives, in our day-to-day activities. Spiritual discernment is from the Holy Spirit, knowing what is needed within a setting or with a one-on-one consulting, as well as our own individual growth in understanding who we really are.
    2. With both general discernment and discerning of spirits are characterize in differences, they are related as stated in our reading, but we understand that as most things that are closely related but in difference, as with the principles we listed general discernment there is “State of Life” i.e. There are many different states in life, some permanent, some long-lasting, some only temporary. Just to name a few We may be single, married, a priest, a religious, young, old, healthy, or fragile in health; just as it is in discernment of spirit, gifts and talents, Desire and so forth, it’s all related. The principals we found are: State of life. Gifts and talents, Desire – Organic development, Serenity – Conformity to Scripture. They have been effective by acknowledging our gifts and talent as well as conformity to scripture, this is our state of life, this has cause growth with strength and has develop serenity that we love this in our lives.
    3. Fallen angels are angels who were expelled from heaven. When Satan fell, one-third of the angelic host joined him in his rebellion (Revelation 12:3-4, 9). These angels who fell with Satan are now known as demons. Hell was prepared for Satan and his angels. Demons and fallen angels are used interchangeably in the Bible. Demons an evil supernatural being a devil. A persistently tormenting person, force, or passion: the demon of drug addiction. One who is extremely zealous, skillful, or diligent: Holy Spirit He is The Creator Spirit, present before the creation of the universe and through his power everything was made in Jesus Christ, by God the Father. ... The Holy Spirit is understood to be one of the three persons of the Trinity. We have learned a great deal; from I AM A Ruby about different types of spirits. Continuance in studying will assist us in growing and maturing in our assignment, business, and in our natural life.
    4. “Gray” areas is all around, one significant place is with people, when they seem to be one thing, but they are something else, this is when general discernment kicks in. When the circumstances or conversation go into deep territorial you have to allow your spiritual discernment to be in operation. Because it can turn without you even knowing it, that’s how quickly gray area can present itself. And as stated in our reading, “That is one time when we need the gift of discerning of spirits to clear away the gray and separate matters into black and white”. We have to stay close to the throne of God, cultivating your studies, enhancing knowledge through God’s wisdom. HalleluYAH.
  • 1: Well I will rate my discernment as if I was growing into my discernment ability now. So I will rate mycellf an 7. Because there was a time I could pick up everyone else stuff but couldn't see my own issues. Now God is showing me my own discernmemts as well. He also showing it to me in the supernatural realm as well. Well for starters the teaching that Apostle T gives us and the studies God take us on his own. We are learning so much stuff now. My experience is going well I think. I had experinece last night where my discernment had pick up on a spirit walking around in our kitchen last night. So the spirit of fear tried to pop up on me what I had did cast that spirit out and kept on praying. 

    2: General discernment is different from the spiritual discernment is because spiritual you can feel the negative vibes or you can see them. The general discernement people have to go with the gut feeling that something isn't right.  The can feel the negative vibes as well. The Holy Spirit is well need because it allows us to pick up with spirit is near us and begin the cast it out. The Holy spirit guides us to discern for a reason.  That's why is go good to study about this type of stuff or we will be lost. 

    3: The reason why they are the same in certain areanas is because discernment we have the ability to know which spirit it is. Just by a certain smell or anything like that. Discerning is by you know once again knowing the spirit that is tring to coming upon you. And you are believing in your judgement you know you are doing something. When the Holy Spirit tells you it's a certain spirit and you feel some type of symptoms that you normally don't feel. Yuo have discerning principles where something is aroun you. I have just recently started back getting my discernment abilty reactivated. Now it's coming along well now  I got a lot more to grow. 

    4: I was a while back where I had to discipline my children and my mother kept telling it wasn't my children it was a spirit and that I need to cast it out. However, at that time I thought i wasn't worthy enough to cast out any spirits because a had stuff going on inside of me. So whrn she told me to pray I did but I really didn't believe that it had left out of them I think it had just hid it self until further notice. So my mother knew the spirits was goneso she would begin to cast out the spirits out of them. And after she would get done she would need to rest but she wlill ask me Presha why aren't you seeing what's going on with your children. I will say to her I don't know they will be alright. She will always tell me somedays she won't be around to help me cast out my children and I will be like yep. At that time I really didn't care what she was talking aboutI was ready to finish my showes. By the way I was a ordained Prophetess at the time ya'll so trust me thiss stuff can happen to you too. If you are not strong in God trust me we know.  By the signs it sends you I can tell with my children when my daughter don't say anything if I'm talking to her or if my mother talking to her and she's not saying anything that's when we know a spirit has tooken over her body. With my son is when he can't look you in the eyes and can't speak as well. So once I see those signs it pratying time and casting out demonic spirits . Yes our Apostle T is teaching us this daily, this is her number one key points for us to know the spirits and know who we are up against. Right on I am a where we can get all the 101 teaches thousands of contents. Yes I am doing right now because time to move forward and know who our opponents is in the spiritual realm.

    5: My biggest contend was mycellf because you know you don't never want to point out the discernments out of your ownselves you always want to show everyone else that contend but not your own. I'm learning now showing your own contend discernment is not easy because have some stuff that be messed up in your own life. However, you have to get rid of it to walk this walk with God. When you can point out the discernment is yourcellf then you are going somewhere. Finding out what cause them to come, what attrack them to you? Why is there here? What do they what from you?  How do get rid of them?  Answering thses questions and know how which spirit is which is it Angels or is the demonis spirits, or other spirits floating around. 

    Yes I have a lot when I was a child and now even to more so. One time I had a hunch that my step dad was doing something not right when my mother was at work to one of these ladies and but hunch was right he was abusing her. But he nevered wanted my mother to know nothing he was doing because he was supposed to be a loyal husband. See as you can tell never had a hunch of my own really beside this one time I was like around 21 years old and I was staying with my children's dad Grandma house and he had left to go hang out with is boys in Kalamazoo and he stayed the whole night I tried to call him or text him he didn't text me us the next day stating that his phone was dead and he was stranded up there. I ask him if there was girls around him he said no it was just him and his dude girls and the friends. He claimed he didn't do anything, but in my gut I knew it was lie but stayed anyway. As you can see I see it in everyone else at the time but not my own. I actually had forgotten about that story. 

    Yes I did as you can see in the passage up above. 

    By praying and knowing the signs that God gives us. 

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