Seer's Devotional Realm Day 17

And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance (Acts 2:4).

Today’s Devotional:

When the Spirit came on that Day of Pentecost, He appeared in two forms: wind and fire. There is no indication that these believers knew beforehand how the Spirit would appear, but when He came, they knew He was there. Once again, only the gift of discernment could impart this knowledge. Another area of discernment is the ability to discern the human spirit—the true character or motive behind a person’s words or actions—even if hidden from casual view. Jesus possessed this ability to an exceptional degree. No one can “see” faith.

We can observe faith in action(verb) as it is demonstrated, but only the Spirit of God can impart the ability to discern faith in another. One area of discernment where we must exercise care, caution, and maturity are in the discerning of evil spirits.

Have you ever been in a place or situation where you simply felt the presence of evil?

What about a time when a rotten or unpleasant odor was present with no identifiable natural source?

Some of the common “symptoms” of the possible presence of evil spirits in a place are an oppressive atmosphere, a sense of confusion, a pervading sense of loneliness or sadness, a feeling of pressure, and depression.

These are just a few examples; there are many more.

1. Why do you think the Spirit appeared in two forms on the Day of Pentecost? What were these, and what symbolism do you see in them?

2. What causes you to believe that the disciples used spiritual discernment to know the Holy Spirit had come and did not think it was merely an unusual work of nature? How is this type of spiritual discernment useful to the Church/Body of Christ?

3. How is the ability to spiritually discern the human spirit useful to you as a believer? How can you develop this gift?

4. Why do you need to exercise care, caution, and maturity when discerning evil spirits? Do you need to be afraid of these spirits? Have you ever been properly trained to recognize and discern these spirits? Please explain your answer to the class in detail.

5. Look at the list of “symptoms” of the possible presence of evil spirits above. Have you ever experienced these symptoms and received the revelation that they were due to an evil spirit? How can you be sensitized to this possibility in a greater dimension? As graphic as this is, have you ever seen such a vision of someone? Why would God use such a graphic picture? Have you or anyone you know, have had a demonic spirit inside of them? If so, how did you cast and expel it out? Did you have assistance? Did you do the necessary work afterward to keep the spirit expelled?


Not every illness is caused by an evil spirit, but we find some people today who are not healed immediately through prayer or the laying on of hands.

In some of these cases, a spirit of infirmity may be at work, which must be taken care of before healing will occur.

In a visionary sense, such a spirit may be revealed as appearing like a leech on a person, sucking the strength out of whatever part of the body is afflicted.


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    1. i believe it came in that way because it had to because thats how the people would know since thats what they been seeing the whole time..Wind And Fire. For us we think the symbol is meaning how he coming in power. we dont really know. but just saying what we think it means.

    2. They were already aware of how the holy spirit would come and show up so i believe they were sticking to seeing that exactly and thats how they were able to discern when it was Him or not.  we believe that is very useful in the body of Christ because you're able to pick up of what's good and bad and you're able to sense when someone is hurt and you're able to sense you know when something is even walk off with in yourself so it's very handy to have spiritual discernment especially when God is trying to show you something that you need to help cast out it was in somebody else so it's very and helpful to have spiritual discernment that's your connection cord to God to be able to know when he will show up and to be able to identify God you know and to know what that is really him you know his really good to be able to be aware and know when he's presence is around rather just going with guessing if he's in this place or not.

    3. To be honest we don't know about the human spirit how it really works but I would say if you were good people reader you're able to see that if you paid attention and fit around folks long enough you're able to pick up on different emotions and things like that you know so for us that's how we view having a human spirit that's just our guess we're not absolutely sure.

    4. Becauese its imporatant to be sure of what you casting out and know what level you dealing with. No we don't have to be afraid of the spirits that we cast out we have learned from our leader apostle that we are actually stronger than these evil spirits and that's the reason why we get a tag because they don't want us to know how strong we really are. We have been properly trained to discern and learn these Spirits honestly we needed to study more on it because of everything we've been doing we kind of lost our Focus on our teachings from it so we're going back and relearning everything that we were taught so we can properly expel the spirits. We have learned there is a dictionary on different spirits and what level they're on where they are generally rather they are King rather there I Apprentice or a grandmother of different Spirits or are there Mom of a spirit you know or sisters and brothers that are connected somehow it's what we were taught and it goes all the way back to the root of who that main source is and where they're all coming from so we were taught that Satan isn't the only one down there doing things there's actually more adversaries and they all have a name and we need to properly expel them by no other name being cautious and careful and get it prepared and equipped right be able to take them out or cast them out rather. 

    5. Have I ever had any of the symptoms provided above yes we have we have had depression come out of nowhere all of us when we were alone all of a sudden we felt loneliness and we were in the car one day feeling this way and it was out of nowhere and it truly was a awkward situation and God spoke to us and he reminded us how much he loved it us as focusrite up out of it and we have to realize we don't even understand why we felt that way anyway and we were having a good day and all of a sudden you know we didn't want God to leave us and we felt lonely and we was crying a guy telling him not to leave us and then we were crying about how we don't feel like nobody else is around or understands us I want to be around us we're completely alone by ourselves you know no companionship not anything else and I'll just me and my children and that's it and it was just very overwhelming and it was out of nowhere and I was like I've been this way for a while and I was very very happy few minutes ago what happened so yes I definitely believe it was because of an evil spirit that came in and tried to ruin my day and God spoke that right up out of me and reminded me that he does love me I'm not alone we're in this together he is my partner and everything there's no need to worry so we were happy for the rest of the day after God spoke that out of us so yes I believe it was an evil presence that was taken trying to take over us and ruin our day. 

    We actually don't know if we've been sensitized or not... yes we have had a vision about someone honestly I don't know why he would use such a graphic picture but I can see the picture really clear it's either of a man or is of a a child being used or abused and a most awful way and I just go into prayer every time that Vision comes to mind. I had a demonic spirit inside of me before there was assistance in helping testing the spirit out it was a spirit of my younger version of myself coming into my adult self and was actually a big hindrance in my life to have her with all the hurt and pain that she held onto all these years try to intercept in my life so yes I am still as of this day working on keeping her passed out and expelled in my life it's not an easy route because I've had her in my life all this time but I'm definitely I am better off without holding on to all of that that she was holding onto so I can walk forward more am I woman status and be stronger as a leader shifter.

  • Yes I have been in a place where I felt the an evil presence. When I was younger we had stayed in a house that was full of evil presenceand spirit. But that's a whole nother topic. 

    When I was like around 12 years old or 11 years old one of them ages. It was late a night I will forget it, It was a family gathering it was me, my mother, my sister, my brother, my aunt, my cousins, and my mother' friend we was all playig cards in the livingroom. Then we begin to start talking about God and the we had begin to start praying. And then we heard a knock on the door. So my mother asked who is it, the man said let me in, in a loud demonic voice. My mother told the demonic spirit no, so it begin to stop and it was walking up and down the street. So i went to the kitchen and it was a big puddle of demonic Bowel movement on our kitchen floor.  

    1: The reason why it came in two forms because he will need the trinity going through this walk and journey that he is about to take. So that's why the father came down to speak to him and the holy spirit as well, to give him that covenant power.  They were fire and wind, well we all know that the wind is God and the fire is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit always bring the fire. 

    2: What cause me t believe it is when I read it and I felt the power of that passage.  I had seen a clips of them in the spirit, how the spirit came upon them. When they felt the spirit they knew it was the spirit of God because they were speaking in different languages. Once they felt the power of the spirit and they were speaking in tongues they didn't have to question at all. And plus the was worshifting and praying all night long.  It is very much so useful now by allowing us to dig deep in the spirit. The same way the disiciples did no distractions. just straight worshift and praying to God. We need to believe that we have the same ability as the disiciples do if they can tap in so can we. That's why it's good for the leadershifters today begin to have spiritual discernment in God. 

    3: I weill say it's comming along because discernment was one of my least gifts that are not as strong but now I'm working really hard to get it up. However, some people have to strength to understand wrath something is good or not right. God is strengthing me in that area once I keep practicing and studing I will be great in that area. We can develop this gift by asking God to give us discernment and allow us to discern the things that try to come our way naturally and spiritually. 

    4: The reason why we need training for discerning and having these qualification, far as care, caution, maturity , is because when you in the supernatual realm there's no time to be immature and you can't be reckless in the spiritual realm you have to know who you are up against. How long has they been there, What cause them to come into your life or someone elses. So that why we have to have these three key pointer because it helps us along the way one little slip up ooh they are coming right back that's how consistent they is. No we don't because you know why we don't because they been living with us all this time why should we be afraid of them now. Look how that sound we get afraid once we find out about them why we been feeding them all this time what's change now because we is expelling them.  We casting them out, that don't give us the excuse to be afraid we gotta fight back and let them know they don't have no power over us anymore. 

    5: Yes I have had that presence before, it tries to come but I find mycellf cast it out and keeping moving. Sometime it will try to come in between me and my sibilings. My mother will be the one to recognize it. I'm still learning how to see when it tries to pot on the seen. It will mostly try to come and get me through my finances.  However, I rebuke it and speak over my situation that it is already done. By praying and studing for the increase in their life. To teach them about what the are up against we as leadershifter want to move forward well we have to recognize what we are battling here if we want to be in a greater dimension. Yes I have but is if they don't want to recieve it there'e nothing we can do but to pray that they will come around. I can say look how long my mother been praying for me to come along this way. So I know it takes time it's all about how bad do you want to grow.  To show what could happen if this person want this lifestyle or if they don't want the lifestyle. God tries to give us chances to show us what we are cable of. Yes I have and I'm still battling with these spirits daily. Yes I have seen people had demonic spirits in them I helped cast out some out of people before. Well now I cast out and expel but bac then no I didn't know about that back then. However, God still had help me got rid of that spirit. Yes I did have assistance it would be me and my cousin or me and my mother.  Yes I am now grounding mycellf more into God word and more in him everyday. However, back then um in a way I will say but back then I'm not so sure. 

  • Seer's Devotional Realms Day 17

    1.My God, to us, it shows a double of the Anointing, it shows that God can come in many forms. Also, we know that this is the (3) third of the trinity and seems if God wanted to do a new thing. Show the Power within Power. Wind and Fire was the two forms. We see that God came to blow out all the old from the people and burn off the stagnate, any unbelief, all the old way of thinking from their mind; because at that time there was still a little doubt, however, just as God blew into man nostril in Genesis 2:7, It like He said I shall do a new, out of this world with amazement thing here, I will blow over the entire room, over everybody at the same time, that will bring forth the power with fire, experience a mind-set of unbelievable, a dynamic discernment, knowing they shall operate in the Holy Spirit, and with Fire. Fire to demonstrate the Power to create things to happen and Fire to reverence God; a new change in man that without a doubt they shall know that I Am God.

    1. Because they were trusting in Jesus and what He told them. Acts 1:8 “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Yes, they was wondering, they knew Jesus was about to be taken up and situations has gotten serious even the more, they knew something greater was coming, expecting the impossible, keeping in mind the Power Jesus walked in, they had to receive His Anointing Power to do the greater works. Back in Matt. 10 Jesus release an anointing on them when they went out; 10 “And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.” This was something different from when He choose them as His disciples, Now there a different calling, it’s with even more mighty power and He didn’t take it back. We have to know that the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT is subject to change any situation, circumstances, problems, bring forth deliverance, creating a freedom, salvation shall come and much more, but one key to experiencing this is WE as the people of God as His Church, We have to allow Him to have His Way. Don’t drown Him with insecurities, don’t push Him to the side with immaturity, don’t drown Him with rushing.


    1. It helps us to realize what false and true. What is the real motive behind a thing, a person, what they are really about. We can Hear in the Spirit, we can see in the Spirit. God speaks to us, and we desire more, so to develop this we have to go in deeper, saying that to say; more studying, trusting, hearing, and putting it all to action, implementing what God is saying. Not taking the easy way out. “Just Talk”.
    2. Because you have to be careful, you have to have some serious teaching to identify, and know how to handle evil spirits; My God. Your prayer, fasting, studying, obedient life has to be on target, you can’t relax in it. You have to know that they are nothing to be played with, can’t leisurely cast them out; especially the ancient, antique ones, the deep, bold, totally think they have the right; they are not easily cast out. So, when you think you are and they come please we don’t want to be like in Acts19:14-16; And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so. And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.” We want to be ready, discerning in the deep, with the Holy Spirit as Jesus did in Mark 5, HalleluYAH, it takes a serious lifestyle to do this. A Mighty Serious-Mind, no playing, because this is real.
    3. My God, Yes, we have been in a “church’, a well-known “church” and there was a foul evil spirit lurking around, sniffing out weak people, seeking their attention. God had us to watch at first and pay attention to the movement of this spirit and watch the people; no one notice or pickup there was an evil spirit. He told us to pray, and what to pray; what to say, we didn’t lay hands or didn’t let no one know, we just followed the guidance of the Lord; and after we begun to act on what God told us, that foul, enticing spirit went out the door. My God and we begin to praise, and we left and went home and showered, praying as we went, casting anything out that was trying to enter. These evil spirits are nothing to be played with, we have to begin to recognize, and act accordingly, but we have to learn, be taught, fasting and praying a must. We’ve learned that when we smell a foul smell that an evil spirit, especially when we know that there is nothing spoiled or as you stated Apostle Teyshana “No identifiable natural source”. We are learning more.


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