Seer's Devotional Realm Day 18

The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit (John 3:8).

Today’s Devotional: God ever gives gifts or imparts spiritual abilities for no reason. Why is the gift of discernment, and the discerning of spirits in particular, so important? There is a sixfold purpose for this gift in the life of the Church/Body of Christ:

1. Freedom from demons. demons must be discerned and exposed before they can be dealt with. The New Testament contains numerous accounts of demon-possessed people who were freed by Jesus or Apostles. This ministry is still essential today.

2. Reveal the servants of satan. Once, when Apostle Paul was sharing the Word of God with a Roman proconsul, he was opposed by a magician named Elymas (see Acts 13:8-12).

3. Expose and defeat the work and utterance of demons. This is clearly illustrated in (Acts 16:16-18) when Apostle Paul cast out the spirit of divination/soothsaying out of the slave girl.

4. Expose error. Discerning of spirits reveals not only the workers of satan, demons, and ancient spirits but the errors of their teachings as well.

5. Acknowledge and confess Christ. As the spirit of prophecy is poured out, people will fall on their faces and declare that Jesus is Lord (see 1 Cor. 14:24-25).

6. Know the moving of the Holy Spirit so as to cooperate with Him. Unless we recognize (discern) where and how the Holy Spirit is moving, we may find ourselves unintentionally working at cross-purposes to Him. When we understand these six purposes, we can begin to see the incredible importance of discernment in the Church today.

1. God never gives gifts or imparts spiritual abilities for no reason. What does this mean to you? Has your life experience borne this out?

2. Explain why the gift of discernment and the discerning of spirits are so important. Has this been true in your life? How do these gifts help us in life decisions?

3. Look at the six purposes for the gift of discernment and the gift of discerning of spirits in the life of the Church. Think through the experiences you have had with each one. Which purpose has been most demonstrated in your life so far?

4. Of these six purposes, which seems to be the most important to you at this time? Why?

5. How do these purposes help express the desires of God for the Church to be wise? Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! Is the city or town you live in “religious”? Do you think because your city is religious, it has affected your spiritual discernment in God? How do you need to pray for your city so that it would receive the Spirit of the Lord and the freedom that accompanies Him? 

How do these purposes demonstrate the effectual work of the Holy Spirit to train us?


The operation of the Holy Spirit is especially needed in “religious” cities.

God have mercy on us and free us from the slumbering effects of religious spirits.


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  • 1: What it means to me God has given us the gift for a reason for us to know when something is present. God has given all of us gifts to help one another to find themselves out what they are capable of. It's time for people of God to know our gifts. Our gifts are not for show casing but it to help our brothers and sisters to get back to him. We must cherish our gifts because we must understand our gifts. When it's time for battle we will need to be prepared. It has been carried the way God is allowing me to carry this gift now it took me a minute to finally embrace my gifts to borne it I really am honored to do what I should of been doing. I'm glad God trust me enough for me to take on such a huge task. 

    2. Yes it is really important because it is hard not have discerning or discernment in the spirit realm. Because if we don't everything can come our way and we won't know it. It playes a big part in God and in life it self we have to have discernment in the natural and spiritual realm. However, something can happen in the natural and we don't have our discerning on and we won't know what's going on. So it's most definitely worth having it apart of both live naturally and spiritually. 

    3: I will say purpose 1 was the one I can relate to. I'm still learning all the other purposes it's great that I'm getting taught it now so I can learn to recognize and discerning everything I need to discern. 

    4: The most important purpose is purpose 6 that's the most important one because once the Holy spirit gives you the spirit of discerning you will have the abilty to know which is coming. God has given us this to show us what is coming our way. 

    5: It helps us by allowing us to know what's coming in the church and what we have to cast out. The same way Paul had did he just spoke that it left. We have to have at same faith God has already given us the permition to cast them out and have the power to move forth. Yes they really is but it some of us that are awaken but most are religious. We are going to continue to pray for them and to allow God to show them who he really is. That could be it or it could be that we just never ask God to activate our spiritual discernment in him. We have to take credit to that we jsut never took the time to study and to find out about discerning.  Yes will need to cast out a lot of religious ways that people was taught from birth and until they got older enough to know what is right from wrong. We have to keep praying and casting out all types of spirits. 



  • 1: Freedom from demons is the main part of this walk with God. Because the demons been knowing you for a long time it doesn't matter if you just started to get to know about him. Yes we most definitely have to be discerning. The demons is coming on the seen, you must really study order for you to identify which one it is. 

    2: See Paul had identified who that spirit was because he had discernment. And he been studing about demonic spirits and discernment. So he knew that spirit off back what it was about. Basically he had rebukeed that spirit and made it blind the vessel body he was using. Remember believer of God we really need the spirit of discernment because we could be entertaining that spirit if we don't have the spirit of discerning like Paul.

    3 If u as leader of God come across someone following you the same way speaking out loud. Like that young woman had done would we be able ro discern that spirit or would we state that she is just crazy as everyone else says she is . See Paul had discernment he knew it was a demonic so he went and cast out that spirit real quick. He only said a few words and that was it. This showing me that we really need my discernment up in God because I don't want to enterain that spirit. I did it enought when I wasn't with you and now that I am I want to make sure I'm not doing it again. I want to know what is coming my way. 

    4: Yes that's why it's so important to have spiritaul discernment. Because it is very important to know what spirit is what if they are getting taught what to do and how to attack us. Do you think they teaching is well taught No. However, they know that they have a job to do. So that's why is it's our jobs to exposed them and get rid of them. We have got to study just as harder as much as we should study. 

    5: Yes God gives us a word from him and the outsiders decides to listen and begin to fell the holy spirit of God coming upon them. And they begin to worshift him and confess that they are free. We must acknowledge them and embrace them to go forward with God. Jesus loves when he see his children coming back home to hi. It makes us happy as well because he used us to speak his word for his children. 

    6: Yes so true as we did question we most definitely see how discernment is so important to the church's today. We need to know how to see the spirits and recognize what they are doing. They are doing their jobs, so we must get on ours. If the Holy Spirit tells us what spirit is coming at us we must listen and not ignore it but listen and begin to cast out that spirit before it even begin to try to come toward you. 


  • Seer's Devotional Realms Day 18

    1.We totally agree, this mean to us that what Gave; He has equipped us for the task, to inquire, search, invest in time; invest in seeking exactly how He wants it to come about. Come forth with our thoughts, create the plan and deliver, execute the divine plan. Yes, we are in the making of catching up with God has told us; we are putting our plan together, setting things up and about to execute, take it to another dimension. HalleluYAH.

    1. They are important so we will know what is good; as it states in Romans 12:2; And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” This has been true in our lives, now we just don’t do a thing, we consult our God, we begin to pray, as David did inquire of the Lord; That’s why we know developing a real relationship with God is so important. You will have the assured that’s It’s Him that we move and have our being. We can’t do nothing without Him. That’s where all the failure, disappointment comes, we tried to do a lot of things without HIM.

    3.We haven’t really seen none of these to the place where we can compare. We’ve seen people confess Christ as the Spirit of Prophecy came forth, but something was not complete, we don’t allow the Anointing to finish; we feel when a person falls on the floor it’s over, or seems to under the anointing and laid out; but actually the enemy has fooled the person, and we move on to the next. There is no real time spent, because most of the time the person feel they need to reach more people to get an applause. That’s what we’ve experiences over the years.

    1. Know the moving of the Holy Spirit so as to cooperate with Him. Unless we recognize (discern) where and how the Holy Spirit is moving, we may find ourselves unintentionally working at cross-purposes to Him. We really don’t recognize when the Holy Spirit is at work. That’s why people still operate in that demonized place, they have not been set free, that thing is asleep, it has doze off. My God, This is very important not to drown Him out. We’ve seen the powerful move of God and then it shifts to a downward manner, because the flesh will immediately take over. And we don’t recognize something has shifted, and the Anointing is not there. We think a crowd, or an applause is the anointing. But when we really can be sensitive to the Anointing, My God, the move is unbelievable.

    5.Because if we don’t wise-up, it will be the fall of many people. We have to know that God desire to be on the front line; making sure we allow the Holy Spirt to be in control, it’s not about who’s going to speak, or if they don’t, if the move of God is flowing all things, people must sit down, service is subject to change. Yes, for sure it is. No because we’ve learn that way back, that something was not right within church, it is all about people pleasing, having a large congregation, making sure people abide by “their” set rules and souls are being lost. WE have been praying and know that one day, eyes will come open, ears will begin to hear, and people will begin to move with the Anointing, acknowledge things has been done all wrong, that we lost the Fire of God in our lives. So, we just continue to pray, fast, seek God, hear and received and walk in obedience.   

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