Seer's Devotional Realm Day 5

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8).

Today’s Devotional Today there is a new anointing for a new generation, a Joshua generation of people who will be born into the things of the Spirit in the midst of a great spiritual storm that is sweeping across our land. Let’s take a closer look at this anointing. Usually, prophets make no special claim to be heard, but are content to speak and act and leave the matter there—confident not in themselves, but in the fact that they have heard from God, and that every word from Him will find fulfillment.

Their primary concern is not with the distant future, but to tell forth the will of God in the crisis of their own day. Prophets, then, are essentially interpreters of God. The prophecies of the Old Testament prophets foreshadowed Christ. The major task of New Testament prophets and beyond has always been to declare that in Christ all the prophecies of the Bible have been fulfilled. Remember that prophecy itself is the expressed thoughts of God spoken in a language that no people in their natural gift of speech could articulate on their own.

The substance and nature of prophecy exceed the limits of what the natural mind could conceive. Prophecy comes through the mouths of people, but from the mind of God— spiritual thoughts in spiritual words. Look at the variations of prophetic grace listed below and make comments in each box below:


The prophetic anointing of the Spirit makes itself known in a wide variety of ways. People are different, with different personalities, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and gifts. It should not be surprising then, that there is a great divergent expression of the ministry and office of the prophet. These various models represent what the Spirit is doing and desires to do in the Church. Together they present a more complete picture of the fullness of the Lord’s prophetic anointing.

How do your personality, culture, and background bring uniqueness to the expression of your spiritual gifts?

How do they present a part of the picture of the fullness of the Lord’s prophetic anointing?

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  • The only thing I can say, the prophetic anointing comes strong on me, while I am being led to reach the unreachable, the outcast, and the broken; what a joy and honor to serve God at this capacity. I remember were, I came from and in return, I must allow the Holy Spirit to use me… In prophetic Intercession, and ministering to His people in what ever way, God choose fit at any given time.   


  • 1. Answer. Coming along in ministry God gave me my first very vision in a christian book store in the back of the place i was having a meeting. I was seeing things in a cartoon version starting off but God brong it to life for me more clearly as i was getting stronger in the spiritual world. So i starting too ask questions alot about what my dreams ment and what have you. I found that these visions and dreams are real. So once i was told what it ment and after guessing what it could possibly mean to me, I found myself listening to other people speaking on they dream and i let them kno what i got from it. I love to share what i was taught and if it can save someone or prevent a unnessarry situation im all in to speak on it, So thats how im being used in this area. 

    2. Answer.I feel that God standard Heart purpose for us is to reach our purpose life to the fullest until he calls us home. But he would like us to be train and equipp and ready. He desire us to be warriors of God and he desires us to push to the limit. He always watching and expecting his children to go higher and to listen to the sound of his voice as well as his instruction on how to live and serve him greater. So for me for his standards i have came a long way. And im happy to obey these standards. So going back thinking about how it took some time to reach this point in my life were i was struggling to come up more to the even the place i am today. i would feel i couldnt alot like i wasnt good enough or worthy even i use to feel it was a mistake i was chosen to reach such a high standard for me thats bigger than me, and i couldnt see myself at all being who i am today following under God. i feel like i can go a bit higher to reach more of his expected standards because now that i know he loves me and i was chosen for a reason and how i can reach them as he instructed. So now im living as he is saying to and im walking and using these blessed gifts he has given in ministry and sharing with folks whats expected and why. 

    3. Answer. God is using me in this area by being accountable in the roles he has place me in in ministry where i can do both be responsible and showing actions that im doing my part. By posting and communicationing with everyone and making sure im in position when needed. Im over the Prophetic Flow on Sundays im responsible to get folks roles God tell me. Im over the Prophetic Fullfilled Purpose Flow class im responsible to speak with them about how to tapp in and walk in there second sight. God always want us to be ready to give a word and have it on our lips because you never know what somebody is going through and needs to hear. Also we walk the walk and talk the talk because what you do it begans to show in your actions. People will see the glow and see that you about your Father business. Your mind and everything will shift and it will show. I feel thats what happening with me God is having me take more actions in this time in my life than i use too so he expecting me to take it up more. 

    4.  Answer. Dont quite have a answer to this question as of yet. need to seek God about it. Great question though. But at this time i dont have a furthering clue how to operate in this realm just yet praise God. 

    5. Answer. God takes me in deep when i sing and he uses me to sing from my spirit. So when i sing to others they feel it in they spirit as well its like im ministering to them through song as well as ministering to myself feel things going on on the inside of my spirit as well. When doing praise and worshifting he has me really listen to it so that it resnate in my spirit. So i really love how it happen because im ready to speak to the people from My Spirit Phophetically. 

    6. Answer. I have to take out a peronal time and moment with God to Pray the way i need to getting my spirit and myself together decreasing the flesh and uplifting the spirit. As a prophetic interssor prayer warrior i make sure im praying from my spirit after worshifting him and praiseing him i go straight in to prayer were i seek him. After im ready to evangelize telling folks about the goodness and mercy and miracles he shows up day in and day out. Im always in counsole mode it seems. which is pretty fun to me that im finding myself filling in in this spot operating in it so im still getting a feel for it more and more. i know that im a Spirit Bearer building the kingdom is important apart of what i do. He has Equipp and shape us up to be euqipp correctly now its time to teach other how they can be as well.

    1. It wasn’t until we accepted Christ in our lives, develop a serious relationship, to step out and trust God; we begin to understand that God uses us in dreams. Interpreting dreams, he started by showing us dreams and before we were out the bed, he has given us the interpretation. We were like OMG. God begin to take us deeper, we would see visions, one we had right in the middle of our town’s city hall and the library area, we seen people falling, stacked up on one another. In short, God was saying that the city was failing to operate in the knowledge he had given, and they were creating a fall of many people. My God. We begin to pray, God has reveal the purpose for the city. There is a long way, but God.
    2. We understand that this is happening now, God is using us to know that we have been call to a higher standard. We are not like the normal, so with that; we have to begin to walk, operate in God’s Standards, in order to proclaim it. So, in our experiences in this area, we tried to do as others, but couldn’t, we tried to deny, but couldn’t, now our minds has shifted and we must be examples, true models of God’s Standards, His Ways, to let people know it can be done, and it must be done God’s Way.
    3. No matter what we have to exemplify God. We have to take responsibilities in our actions, yes even in our non-actions. When we begin to function in the arena of “the church” is in us, we are the church, it’s more clear, even more so today. That we have to take the responsibility to assist in others’ lives, proclaim, teach the authentic word of God. Do something different, take on the responsibilities and actions through prayer and meditations, to move forward in order to affect change. Not just sit by and say well they should, or if they had listen, but to go after that one. HalleluYAH.
    4. Now this one we are not sure; we have to ask God to show us how can we be affective in this area. Haven’t had much encounter. But we have seen others, and they come awfully close to the line, or has gone over the line and have drop the ball, have drop off God purpose, and has done more harm than good.
    5. Now we love to worship to worshift, and before we recognize us as a leader, we knew that this type of worship was much needed. Haven’t been enclose with many leaders that actually usher in the Spirit of God and allow Him to have his way. But now in our experiences from intimate times; from our informal closeness; in our alone time with God, ushering in His presence, we’ve learn that now God uses us to usher in, to be in the presence of God. It’s a must, it’s vital to worship-worshift, if we can’t get there, it’s no use in trying to preach or teach, we won’t receive the “just” of it all. Because it’s in His Presence that freedom is release, it’s in His Presence in which you’ll experience peace, knowledge, wisdom.
    6. Again, it’s are personal time we spend with God being in His presence that gives us the knowledge, the wisdom to know that we are Spirt-Bearers, Intercessors, Counselors. It’s in our quite time where God will reveal that He has equipped us for the task, the assignment. Before God truly got our attention, we weren’t bothered with women, seriously; but in the experiences, in the awakening that all our lives God had been trying to get us to see, that was our calling all the time. BUT the key was we had to walk, operate in what He desired, and He called for us to know that our bodies is a living sacrifice, holy unto Him, we are not our own, we’ve been bought with a price, we had to experience, acknowledge that our way was not His, we had to experience His way in order for Him to use us. My Lord in the Kingdom.  
  • 1: I will have to say I'm still learning my prophectic visions, and dreams. God is teaching us daily through our Apostle T and him cellf. So I'm learming more about my prophetic  side  of me,However, I did used to use to prophetic skills more then ever I'm learning how not to let is over take me as much. 

    2: Yes prophets hearts must be pure because we you speak to the people you don't want your heart all messed up trying to give God's word to the people. So your heart must be sold out for God if he trust you to speak his words. He see's your heart before you get to know yourcellf. You must know when you let go of everthing and forgive that's when you can hear God so clearly. 

    3: We I speak to our leadershifters on going higher in God as a whole that's the prophetcy he give to me to give to our leads. We have being propheticing this for years. They still haven't just gotten it yet, But God still keep telling us unity. So that's my prophetcy at the ministry. 

    4: When you go into the prohetic realm in the Lord and ushers while you are in the spirit it takes you into and whole different room in him. You will see all types of stuff for people and begin to prophetcy so strong it puts everyone in worshift. 

    5: We speak as administrative in our ministry God has appointed us to handle his affairs as a prophet to his people to keep everything in order. That's what prophets are her to do to keep order and give warning to the people before God remove somethings or blessing  some people. Administrative plays a big role in the ministry to help keep God people in tune in him and united in him. 

    6: Prophets are a huge writer, and incessors in the Lord we try to plea on the behalf of the people and look where it gets us sometime. Because the people just don't want to listen. So that's why we become counselors and go Evagelize to bring in the people because people need to hear from God a different why them our way we know sometime. So that's we multi- task.

    By allowing God to teach me more and more. I tell him to teach me his ways, and not let it be my ways but his ways. That's why I think my anointing is unique in God. 

    By speaking God's word and not know what comes after it. But having faith that the people will listen to God's words. We have to make sure that we a hear God's words right a clear. 

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