demons manifest themselves through humanity
under many different names. The following is a list
of specific names actually applied to demons in
Scripture. Since translations vary in their use of
names, I have given the name used in three
translations, in the following order: the New King
James Version, the New American Standard Bible
and the New International Version. In each case the
Scripture reference follows.
In the Old Testament

Jealousy/feelings of jealousy Numbers 5:14.30
Ill will/evil Judges 9:23
Distress/evil I Samuel 16:14-23,
I Samuel 18:10; 19:9
Lying/deceiving I Kings 22:22
2 Chronicles 18:20-22
Perverse/distortion/dizziness Isaiah 19:14
Deep sleep Isaiah 29:10
Heaviness/fainting/despair Isaiah 61:3
Harlotry/prostitution Hosea 4:12; 5:4
Unclean/impurity Zechariah 13:2

In the New Testament
Mute/robbed of speech Mark 9:17
Deaf and dumb/mute Mark 9:25
Infirmity/crippling/ Luke 13:11
causing sickness
Divination/predicting Acts 16:16
the future
Deceiving/deceitful I Timothy 4:1
Fear/timidity 2 Timothy 1:7
Error/falsehood I John 4:6

other demons
In addition to the names taken from Scripture and
listed above, I will add some other names of demons
that I have encountered personally.

Arthritis Asthma Epilepsy Head Pain
Cancer Crippling Thrombosis Migraine Sinusitis

Adultery Claustrophobia
Criticism Disappointment
Envy Fantasy
Gossip Hatred
Hopelessness Masturbation
Murder Perversion
Rebellion Rejection
Religion Self-Pity
Stress Suicide
Violence in Witchcraft
The lists given above are by no means exhaustive,
but indicate the diversity of demonic activity. satan
apparently has at his disposal vast numbers of
demons with which to assail and torment humanity.

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  • Very Informative, Thank You Lord...

  • Just as it is stated, that we can't allow any spirit outside of Gods spirit rule over us.We must keep our flesh under control.

  • Praise God

  • Informative reading. 

  • Amen I know about for sure migraines yes but glory to God i havent had none in a while, amen

  • Thank you Queen Chief Apostle Teyshana Wiley for giving us the knowledge the spirits of mental sickness and for teaching us about them.AMEN.

  • Amen and I thank God for giving us the knowledge, wisdom and understanding on how the no name is using everything at his disposal to keep us out of the Will of God.  Now that we know the demons associated with mental health and our physical health, we can call them out and expel them from our lives, our families, future generations and everyone we have been given to look after from GOD as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers in Five-Fold Ministry of God.  Glory and Hallelujah to God.  AMEN!!!

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