• Gen 30: 1-2 1When (Rachel)saw that she was not bearing any children for Jacob, she envied her sister. “Give me children, or I will die!” she said to (Jacob) 2Jacob became angry with Rachel and said, “Am I in the place of God, who has withheld children from you?”

  • Rachel was the woman in the bible that said to her husband Jacob give me children or i will die.

    She Said it because even though she gave Leah to Jacob to have children because she could not have them, she grew envious and jealous because SHE WAS BARREN AT THE TIME. SHE didn't know that GOD closed her womb for his glory. Leah got cocky and began taunting Rachel about her inability to have children. That's when God opened up Rachel's womb and allowed her to have two of JACOB'S children.YES HONEY

  • We are going with Racheal and her Husband was Jacob. Because her sister was having all the kids. And she couldnt get one. It was hard for her to get pregnant. So she said give me children or i will die. being envious of her sister. 

  • I will say Rachel because she was jealous of her sister Leah having all of the children by her husband. Rachel was so much of a spiritual person far as with God but she did worship other things so that prolly oe of the reason she would speak death over herself if she don't have a child. The reason she said that because she was envying her sister for having children at first. Rachel loved her husband and she had to share him with her sister Leah as well. That could be pretty hard for a person to see the man she love having a babies by her sister. The husband name is Jacob. 

  • Rachel was the woman in the bible which told her husband that she would die if he didn’t give her children. She was envy of Leah, jealous of her because she was given Jacob children. Jacob was her husband, and he was angry and ask Rachel “Can I take the place of God”? Leah had given Jacob six (6) sons and one (1) daughter. Rachel hadn’t given any, but one thing about this; Jacob love Rachael and Leah having sons thought it would bring them really close, but his heart was with Rachael. Rachel soon gave birth to two (2) sons for Jacob.

    1. Rachel. Rachel said this out of jealousy. Rachel's husband was Jacob. As I see it in the spirit, Rachel's jealousy led to multiple sin. It led to the spirit of control, her husband and maid was led to temptation. Rachel Justified her sin! she knew she was wrong. Naming her son Vindication and second son Naphthali (Fight.)Genesis 30: 8 Raheal states, "She's been in a all fight with her sister and she won!" This is a fight Racheal fought with herself...Etc. Rachel's jealousy lead to unnecessary sin for herself and others.
  • Rachel and much like her some of us are demanding of God to do certain things in our lives. Jacob was tricked in to marrying Leah the oldest due to the tradition and his love was not for Leah but for Rachel whom he worked 14 years for due to the lie that was told the first 7 years. Sometimes what we want is not what God has for us but due to our disobedience God will give you what you have asked for. I am sure due to the fact that Jacob worked an extra 7 years for her she wanted to please him with children but due to her womb being shut up she was jealous of her sister who have had several children by Jacob. Seeing being jealous of something others have will cause you to have a spirit of discontentment and Rachel always wanted something somebody else has (have you ever seen anyone like that? if you get a new car her they go getting one) as we look at Rachel oldest son who was about 4 years old then was picking some mandrakes and she wanted them. Lesson from Rachel is this what God has for us is for us and we can not get jealous or upset over other people stuff.

  • Rachel was the one that spoke those words to her husband Jacob because she could not conceive ...So she give her servant to him so they could have children and finally in the end she became pregnant.

  • Rachel was the woman in the bible that told her husband, "give me children or I will die" She was very envious of her sister because she was not able to have any children and Leah continued to produce sons every time she conceived. Jacob was her husband who loved and adored her dearly but obviously that wasn't enough. She wasn't satisfied until she had everything she could from  him. Her true heart began to surface so it didn't matter that she had his real love and adoration and his heart so to speak. Nor did it matter that she was more beautiful than her sister. She wanted to be the over achiever in everything.

  • Amen bless you Pastor Edith, yes it was Rachel. Not only she was jealous of her sister. She spoken premature death over her life (Prov 18:21). In addition, she walked in low self-esteem, rejection, from her father, and insecurities of who she was as a Royal Diadem in God. There is much more into this as well. My God, Lord we thank you for late night Revelations hallelujah

    Pastor Edith Chiles-Williams said:

    Rachel. Because she was envious of her sister Leah who had birthed four son's to the husband they shared. The husband was Jacob. Jacob loved Rachel and was tricked by Laban her father into marrying Leah. He worked added years for Rachel whom he loved. Rachel's womb was closed, but Leah's wasn't and she began having son's and Rachel envied her and spoke those words to Jacob, then she allowed him to sleep with her handmaid Bilhah who conceived a couple of son's also. In the end Rachel's womb was open and she bore a son and named him Joseph and that is the son that Jacob loved more than all the son's.

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