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Word of Knowledge


Text:  ‘…to another the word of knowledge.’ 1 Corinthians 12:8


Introduction:  What is a Word of Knowledge?  The Word of Knowledge is the supernatural revelation by the Holy Spirit of certain facts in the mind of God.  This could be

    1. …the existence, condition or whereabouts of some person or object or place.
    2. …what a person has done
    3. …the nature of his thoughts or the condition of his heart.
    4. …the location or occasion of some event. 


Illustration:  It is not the Gift of Knowledge but the Word of Knowledge - more exactly a Word of Knowledge, for the article (the) does not appear in the original.   When receiving information from a qualified person.  They provide the amount of information that is necessary for the need.  He provides a word. WORD here is the Greek word Logos.  It means "word, speech, matter or a revelation."   A Word of Knowledge is a revelation of Knowledge or a fragment of Knowledge.  When that same revelation has become an utterance of Knowledge it has really borrowed the services of the sister Gift of Prophecy, or perhaps a natural sentence or two to give it expression. 



  1. How a Word of Knowledge Operates.
  • A Word of Knowledge concerns the past or the present 

Elijah:  "Arise, go down to meet Ahab king of Israel ... he is in the vineyard of Naboth, whither he is gone to possess it" (1 Kings 21, 18).

Peter:  "The Spirit said unto him, Behold, three men seek thee" (Acts 10,19)

(1)   The Word of Knowledge is an operation of the Spirit, (Rev. 1, 2, 3).

(2)   The Word of Knowledge is a miraculous revelation, (2 Kings 6:9).

(3)   The Word of Knowledge comes as a revelation without natural effort, (Acts 9:11,12).

(4)   The Word of Knowledge depends on our fellowship with God, (Matt. 16:16). 

  1. Mistaken views concerning a Word of Knowledge.
  • It is confused with natural ability, natural learning, or natural enlightenment. 

(1)   The knowledge that comes from the Word of Knowledge is not an acquisition but a Gift supernaturally imparted from above.  Natural knowledge is the fruit of the natural faculty (Acts 5, 34-39).

(2)   It is independent of natural senses, mental faculties, education, study, observation, years or experience. Natural knowledge is a furnishing of the human mind by observation, conversation, reading or reflection.

(3)   It is not a development of natural knowledge but a miracle of divine knowledge.  Natural knowledge is the result of intellectual effort.

(4)   Natural knowledge can be independent of fellowship with God, as in the ungodly.


  • The Gift is confused with a profound knowledge of the Bible and theology.  The things that the Word of Knowledge reveals could not be known through the most diligent study of the Word or theology (Acts 10:19).


  • The Word of Knowledge is erroneously associated with that very real and precious knowledge of God that is acquired by long experience of His ways and doings (1 Samuel 3:7, 11-14).


  1. Examples of a Word of Knowledge
  • From Scripture

(a)    To warn a king of an enemy's plan of destruction (2 Kings 6, 9-12).

(b)    To enlighten and encourage a discouraged servant of the Lord (1 Kings 19, 14-18).

(c)     To expose a hypocrite (2 Kings 5, 20-27).

(d)    To convince a sinner of the need of a Saviour (John 4, 18,19,29.)

(e)    To discover a man in hiding (1 Samuel 10, 22).

(f)       To indicate a man in need (Acts 9, 11).

(g) To reveal corruption in the Church (Acts 5, 3).

(h) To indicate a suitable place for a meeting of God's people (Mark 14, 13-15).

(i) To know men's thoughts (John 2, 24;  1  Samuel 9,19)


  • Testimonies

(A) The Word of Knowledge can mightily aid ineffectual prayer either for God's servants in distress or for those in need of spiritual help.

(B) To recover lost persons or property.

(C) To reveal the causes of sickness or demon possession.

(D) To reveal. facts in private lives for spiritual correction or profit.



(1)   The revelation the Word of Knowledge brings is never future.

(2)   Distance makes no difference to its operation.

(3)   Age, education, nationality make no difference to its reception.

(4)   Through its agency, the whole realm of facts is at the disposal of the believer as the Spirit wills.

(5)   Through its beneficent agency, the Church

  • may be purified,
  • the distressed comforted,
  • the saint gladdened,
  • lost property rediscovered,
  • the enemy defeated and
  • the Lord Jesus glorified in all.


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Amen for the spirit of knowledge it comes in many ways and the correction about it naturally verses of folks seeinging spiritually amen. Knowledge is key. To all things and its definetly a need in minsitry amen. Loving the teaching of it.

The Word of Knowledge requires a mind that is ready and set on the things of Jesus. This information was very good.

Bless you  Pastor Robin Albright 

You are absolutely correct; in order to walk or work in any of the Dimensional Realms of Prophecy, we must have a God Consciousness. That is how we begin to see, think, and be in the Spirit of God. 

Praise God, I really love this teaching of the Word of Knowledge it gose deep amen.... and gives you Examples of scriptures which is very helpful amen. 


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