"Year of Secrets Revealed". Some time ago, I was shown that a great angel who would be released to God's people this Rosh Hashanah, and he is coming accompanied by a great host of descending angels. The vision I saw looks almost like a solar flare being released from Heaven. This angel being released is an angel entrusted with revealing God's secrets, unraveling mysteries, and solving riddles. He is a great angel of wisdom, and I saw in a vision he and his angels coming down with many scrolls to hand out to trusted ones all over the globe.

Proverbs 9:1 says: "Wisdom has built her house, She has hewn out her seven pillars." The Lord is releasing the wisdom for building His house on the seven mountains of society and He is sending His very trusted angel with building plans. Scrolls with wisdom for building and advancing will be released this year in an unprecedented fashion. Many have now been catapulted into the new territory they are called to occupy, and now comes the wisdom for how to occupy the land that was so intensely gained.

It is the Father's great joy to send in His mighty angels to join in the fun and adventure of advancing His Kingdom through His awake and arising Church.There will be scrolls with secrets and wisdom for building and advancing churches, Kingdom centers, ministries, Kingdom businesses, and technologies and medical breakthroughs.

Many in business are only one insight away from advancing their technology to critical mass and angels will deliver scrolls that carry the insight or secret on how to move forward. Whatever Kingdom venture is in need of wisdom, this Hebraic year, 5775, the wisdom for that will become available. If last year was the year of the door into your new territory, this year is the year of the window into how to structure and advance in that new territory.

Architects with Blueprints

In this vision of descending angels, I see that they are arriving as architects with blueprints. Most of our plans for the last few years have not worked so well because they have lacked Heavenly wisdom. Heaven's architects are now being sent and they have thousands and thousands of missions. They will dole out scrolls to all who are humble enough to acknowledge they need this help and are okay with Father sending some of His angelic friends to provide these scrolls.

The Holy Spirit can provide all wisdom and reveal all secrets, but He and the Father also love including angels in the process.

The scrolls will be put into your dreams and daydreams. They will show up in night visions and day visions. They will at times be sent to you through a prophetic word. Many will have actual dreams of receiving a scroll. The more time spent in worship the more you can clear out the clutter from your own preconceived ideas or plans. The new coming wisdom will be much better than our old half-baked plans, and so we want to resist the temptation to run with the half-baked plans just because we invested so much in them.

The secrets from above are going to be game-changers and so they must be valued as such. I looked up the word "architect" and as a verb, it means "to plan, organize and bring to fruition". If that sounds like something you need, this will be a great year for you should you keep your eyes on the Lord. Though the term has been misapplied elsewhere, He really is the Master Architect. An architect is defined as "one who designs and supervises the construction of buildings or other large structures".

Our Master Architect is now sending the wisdom for "large Kingdom structures" to be built. A great harvest has already started and it will be soon noted and documented. As it gains steam it will put a great demand on Kingdom minded Believers to have the infrastructure in place that accommodates the harvest. From resources to buildings much is needed. Great blueprints are coming down for everything related to the harvest and related to the reformation of society.

It will be a rare thing for a non-reformation minded Believer to receive one of these scrolls, as that is a common theme for all who will have secrets revealed, mysteries unraveled and riddles solved. God is now ready for things to go structural into society. The era of Renaissance has begun that will expand nuanced knowledge of God into every system of society. These scrolls ultimately are secrets of God that reveal more of who He is and this new knowledge will advance Him.

5775: Grace for an Expanded View of Him

We are in the middle of a ten-year period where the focus is on us "learning to see". The Lord is correcting our vision impairment, and this year it is as if we get the upgrade glasses that we have needed. For the next 5 years, there will be a yearly upgrade available much like Apple does with the iPhone. However, we do have to turn in the old and request the upgrade. 

All corrective spiritual vision begins with the ability to see Him in an expanded way. If we can't see Him better, we won't be able to see other things in an improved way. Many of us carry very defeated narratives of what God can do in society because of our impaired vision of Him. This year we get a much need upgrade and make sure to make your request known to the Holy Spirit.

The number 5775 is a unique configuration. 5 is the number of grace and 7 is the number of God in His perfect and expanded form. It is the 7 Spirits perspective of God and all He has and all He will be for society (Revelation 4:5 and 5:6). This is a year where God provides grace for us coming and going. He will be our rear guard as well as He who graces us to move forward. The 77 is about seeing the perfect God as Redeemer AND as Reformer. The special grace is available for those able to see Him as both. This grace is designed to keep you in a hopeful place, but you must refrain your mouth from the hopeless conversation.

I also saw the numbers 5775 laid out over a map of the United States. The land of the United States was set up by God as a refuge for past Jews, as well as present and future Jews. It also explains why we have a primary assignment to ensure Israel's security and that when we mess with that, we ourselves become insecure. The ISIS crisis came up on the radar for us as a nation at the specific time we were chiding Israel for defending herself from terrorist rockets. It is the main part of our call as a nation to provide security for Israel. Most of that is by prayer but it is also to be military.

As I saw the 5775 laid out over a map of the United States, I saw that the 5's were on each coast of America. One over the East Coast and one over the West Coast. This represented increase protective grace over our coasts, but especially it represents a grace of a move of the Holy Spirit. I believe from one sea to the other shining sea we will begin to hear about God breaking out. A great grace is coming to our coastlands. Many have been seeing tsunamis come to our shores but they will be of glory and not of devastation. God is not unhappy with America as a country, only slightly annoyed with the gloom He sees in His Church.

A key chapter for the year is Psalm 75. Psalm 75 is the response chapter to Psalm 74, even as 5775 will be the response year to 5774. Psalm 74 was a chapter of pleading for help from the oppression and attack of the enemy. The chapter starts out with, "O God why have you cast us off forever?" and stays in that vein throughout. There are many verses that could bring understanding to the desecration and martyrdom many Christians experienced this last year at the hands of ISIS and other extremists. "The enemy has damaged everything in the sanctuary. Your enemies roar in the midst of Your meeting place. They set up their banners for signs" (Psalm 74:3-4)

"They have set fire to Your sanctuary, they have defiled the dwelling place of Your name to the ground. They said in their hearts, let us destroy them altogether. They have burned up all the meeting places of God in the land"(Psalm 74 7-8). The chapter closes with the psalmist invoking God to, "Arise, O God for Your own cause" (verse 22).

Chapter 75 then carries the response theme of the psalmist thanking God for His righteous judgment. "We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks! For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near" (verse 1). The Chapter ends with, "All the horns of the wicked I will also cut off, but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted" (verse 10). In the very middle of the chapter, it says, "But God is the Judge; He puts down one and exalts another" (verse 7). This we will see manifested this year among the nations. Evil men will plot, but God will show Himself as Judge. The horns or power of the wicked will be cut down. It will be another bad year for the wicked.

Focus on the Mountain of Education

The Mountain of Education will be the mountain of great focus this year. The enemy illicitly exercises authority on this mountain through an initial stronghold of humanism. Humanism is a pseudo-wisdom that is the polar opposite of true wisdom. True wisdom is both the goal and the vehicle for advancement in Education, and God is now sending in big help to begin breaking down education strongholds as well as to accompany His rising sons and daughters.

Many of the new scrolls being released in this next year will be for those attempting to make Kingdom headway in this vital sector of society. New wisdom for new schools, new curriculum, and new classroom ideas will be released as the Kingdom of God begins to make a dent in that mountain. If you have a call on this mountain and understand the assignment, position yourself for being advanced.

Interstate 35 Becomes a Highway of Holiness

Isaiah 35 speaks of a "Highway of Holiness" (verse 8) and I believe that this is geographically the redemptive destiny of Interstate 35. I see a powerful artery of the Holy Spirit pumping blood through the heart of the nation with a beat of righteousness and life. Exactly 7 years ago, the I-35 Minneapolis Bridge collapsed and it is now time for a 7-year period of great life and joy to pump and beat through all of I-35. The last 7 years have been years of testing for the I-35 corridor, but now starts a season of great grace.

Many on this route have contended to stay on the battlefield and they will now be greatly rewarded. Minneapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio are seven key I-35 cities where the saints are making heroic stands against darkness in the nation and prevailing. There is a strong call to pray and intercede all up and down this corridor and this year begins a 7-year period of great authority in prayer. 

A very elite prayer force has been prepared in refining fire and now new fuel will come on prayer gatherings. An angelic company will also be releasing scrolls to the prayer movement leaders, and it will cause a season of praying effective and effectual prayers, as hidden secrets from God are released regarding His Reformation agenda.

I saw the multiples of 5 x 7 and 7 x 5 come out of the 5775, and I believe that these multiples that also equal 35, also speak of a strong vein of intercessory prayer and authority for and toward the nation of Israel. The I-35 cities are the watchmen cities of America and Israel, and new oil and wine are coming on them in 5775.

The Harvest Has Begun

I referred to this earlier, but a great prophesied Harvest has in fact already begun. Two great men of God have gone on to their reward in Heaven since Rosh Hashanah of 2013. These two men are Bob Jones and Arthur Burt. Both of these men carried key prophetic promises from the Lord that they would not die until they had seen an unprecedented harvest begin – with spiritual flooding after spiritual flooding taking place.

Bob Jones passed away on Valentine's Day of this year and Arthur Burt at age 102 just passed away in August. God did not lie to either of them and that which they both saw has now begun. Last year was a year of great natural flooding all across America and now the spiritual floods will follow. The harvest Bob Jones saw was worldwide and brought in a billion youth. That harvest has now begun to come in and will progressively increase over the next ten years.

As might be expected with the coming of angels bringing secrets of God, there will now be a sudden spike in the prophetic level of those already operating in the prophetic. It will begin to become commonplace for names, addresses, and dates to be revealed prophetically. More importantly than even this the prophetic will now begin to carry much more wisdom for building, as this is what is on the heart of our Papa. 

He will be showcased as the Wise Builder, God during this next season and it will be something that greatly progresses the advancing Church. Furthermore, many of the new Believers coming in will evidence this advanced level of the prophetic and it will be key for further stoking the harvest fire of God.

Judah Will Again Lead

Judah, meaning "praise", was the lead warrior tribe of Israel. For many years the worship songs were staying years ahead of the rest of the Church – in what revelation the lyrics were carrying. Over the last several years the preaching has overtaken the lyrics and has been in the lead from a standpoint of revelation. I saw scrolls coming down to worship leaders, songwriters and psalmists, and they will now begin to receive the advanced songs of this age of restoration that will become the anthems of a Reformation generation.

Judah will again take the lead as great songs of freedom, hope, and the greatness of God in society will now begin to create a new marching beat for the Body of Christ to march to. This will begin to happen in 5775 and ever increase after that as there will be no ebb to the coming advancement in worship. From now on Judah will stay in the lead. In like manner, as you allow Judah/praise to lead in your own life, you will find victorious living as its fruit.

In 5775, the world will not end, the Rapture will not take place, the Great Tribulation will not start. God will be the storyline of the year and the secrets He reveals to His kids will be the main newsworthy advance of the year.

To share in that: Awake, Arise, Shine.

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  • Praise Gos for this reading can't wait to see what God will reavel through his angels in the present and coming years but it's like the reading mention I do need to declutter everything that would hinder me from seeing and hearing what God istrying to reveal to me in Jesus ne'eman

  • My God; There was something going on with me at the end of last year, that I knew this year 2019 was going to be a fantastic, incredible year.  God has swung open doors for us to gracefully come through. God has released “personal angels” for us, to reveal secrets that will lead us into things, meet new exciting people, travel where we have never traveled, make connection that is unbelievable. Because He is ready for a true deliverance, divine healing and bizarre wealth to come forth in the land. It’s going to take His majestic secrets; so, we must walk, operate, speak from the Word of God; catch this dimensional effect in our Spirits to demonstrate the implausible actions right here on earth. Being in a place of no return like never before; a concentrated, a consecrated; a dedicate life; a true place of worship is where these secrets will become unfold, revealed to us. A great expectation shall fall upon us. As stated in our reading; “The 77 is about seeing the perfect God as Redeemer AND as Reformer. The special grace is available for those able to see Him as both. This grace is designed to keep you in a hopeful place, but you must refrain your mouth from the hopeless conversation”.

    • Blessings Pastor Patricia, the Angels has your Blessings, Spoils, your Goods, and everything you De-Sire in their hands. HalleluYAH, my God to Thee

  • Oh my this is so powerful to me and now I have a better understanding of ANGEL DESCENDING b is from GOD AMEN.

  • Amen

  • Amen

  • ADVERB YES INDEED I AM EXCITED ABOUT ALL THAT GOD HIMSELF US ABOUT TO REVEAL TO US. IN EXCITED ABOUT SEEING THE MANIFESTATION THE WORD OF GOD COME ALIVE IN OUR LIVES. HID GLORY BEING REVEALED in our lives. Divine revelations the new songs, buildings, and workers for the KINGDOM of GOD we are in a wealthy place y'all you betta know and trust God he is showing us new things.

  • Extra nuggets/Syllabus Notes: 
    Judah, meaning "praise", was the lead warrior tribe of Israel. For many years the worship songs were staying years ahead of the rest of the Church – in what revelation the lyrics were carrying.

    Google searched additional information on Judah: 

    But you are holy, O you that inhabit the praises of Israel. Psalms 22:3 

    Judah, which means praise, always went first.  As the sons of Israel broke camp, Judah led the way (Num. 2:9). When Israel went to war, Judah was first to battle (Judges 1:1-2, 20:18).  The tribe of Judah always camped to the east of the Tent of Meeting, strategically positioned before the only entrance into the Tabernacle (Num. 2:3). Jesus came from the tribe of Judah. Among Jacob’s twelve sons, Judah held a place of great prominence. Prior to his death, Jacob pronounced blessings and destiny over each one. In so doing, he said that his brothers would praise him, that he would defeat his enemies and then released to Judah the scepter of authority and the ruler’s staff (Gen. 49:8-10). The tribe of Judah was blessed with a position of power, authority, and influence.

    Even Judah’s birth speaks of the importance of praise.  Jacob married both Leah and her sister, Rachel. Jacob loved Rachel—who was barren—more than Leah. As we would expect, Leah longed for Jacob’s love. With her first three children, each time Leah gave birth, she hoped to secure Jacob’s love. Finally, when she gave birth to her fourth son, she ceased striving for Jacob’s favor and rested in her circumstances. In her surrender, she declared, “This time I will praise the Lord,” and she named her son Judah (Gen. 29:35).  Judah means “praise Yahweh” or “may God be praised.” Just as Judah held a special place in God’s heart, praise holds a special place in His heart today. Praise is powerful, necessary, and a key to God’s blessings.

  • Notes: The number 7 in Proverbs 9:1 is chosen as indicating completeness and perfection. God revealing Himself in nature, resting in His work, entering into covenant with human beings-these were the ideas conveyed by it. For the Lord is a sun and shield; the Lord grants grace and favor; the Lord will not withhold no good thing from those who walk blamelessly. Psalms 84:11 ISV

    Notes: These scriptures come to heart in regard to the KINGDOM of God Advancing, Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Mark 1:15 The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.  I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Building lives and taking back what rightfully belongs to me and my posterity which is the land the flows with mike and honey! taken it by force…

    Notes Amos 3:7 Truly the Lord God will do nothing He has mentioned without revealing his purposes to His servants the prophets. 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him. But God has revealed it to us by the Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. God sent his revelation through His angel to His servant John Rev 1:1 GW

    Heavenly wisdom, Lord thank you for giving me the ability to see things from your viewpoint, judge correctly, and achieve true and lasting success in life.  

    when the Lord do give me dreams, or visions they are like motion pictures. I can see colors, hear sound and see movement.  

    Syllabus notes states: Judah will again take the lead as great songs of freedom, hope, and the greatness of God in society will now begin to create a new marching beat for the Body of Christ to march to. 

  • God comes to us visions and dreams at this day in time, he is poring out His spirit. He is using young believers and those who seek Him in such a way that the Kingdom of Heaven is impacting the earth, through signs and wonders. We must be in position to see it. Lord we give You glory and honor.

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