New Student Workshops Policy..

Student workshops are 1 day in length and are focused on improving or enhancing certain skill sets or knowledge on a particular topic. There are a variety of student workshops available. These workshops are free and require no additional purchase of materials. Registration information is provided below.

Participating in student workshops is optional but is highly encouraged for those who are struggling in their courses. Student workshops can be taken at any time during regularly scheduled courses, even after a course ends.

Intercessory Prayer, learning the difference between praying, prayer warrior, intercessor, and prophetic intercessor

 Worship Experience, going into the VIP room

Working the gifts of Prophecy

Identifying demons and spirits

Spiritual Warfare

Biblical Enhancement, learning the mysteries, revelations, and secrets of God

Basic Bible studies

Living a prosperous life, and being a Magnet for the blessings of God all the days of your life

Prayers that activate Miracles on earth

Being an effective leader

Letting go excess baggage, and forgetting the former things and embracing the New

How to maintain a covenant marriage

Marketplace Ministry

Moving Mountains

Wail, Travail, and tarrying until heaven shakes

  • Single, Saved, and being FOUND in a seated position in God.

    and many more workshops are available, and their are qualified men and women of God. That are anointed, and powerful leaders in the Kingdom of God.

  • The student workshops are free and students can take them as many times as they would like.
  • Students can register at the workshop link on the student of prophets forum.
  • Students receive a certificate of completion if they complete all Discussion Questions, exercises, and workshop summaries. 
  • Most students spend an average of 1-2 hours a day completing there DQ and participation and assignments weekly
  • Formalized feedback is not provided for the student workshops. Answer keys and wrap-up information will be given for students to compare with their answers.
  • Looking forward to seeing you in these workshops.
  • Workshops will be online, and tele-conference.

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  • Thank you Apostle Teyshana for letting us know all of us students requirements and what's expected of us and what we are allowed to do re going over all the workshops if we need to we appreciate you and thank you so much. So glad to be a part of the class and all the classes we are apart of as well and to come. We appreciate it and we have read everything about the workshop and just seeing everything it lets me see that we really do do so much in the ministry but while we're doing it we're having fun and that's what's important.

  • Yes thank you Apostle T to for letting us know how to do workshops and what we are here to get done. 

  • Thank You Apostle Teyshana[Host], we are going to go in and look at some of the workshops, we always want to learn more about God and to increase in our learning of ourcelves, and all God has called us to. 

  • Ne'eman these workshops are good for growing more in your gifts

  • Good day Apostle Teyshana....I'm interested in the Basic Bible studies, How to maintain a covenant marriage, and all of the workshops good to take in. Lord God I thank you for new beginnings!
  • Blessings Prophetess Candace, they are available for everyone.

    Candace Carson said:

    Apostle Wiley, I have read the workshop policy. Question: Are these workshops available only to the s students in Michigan or is it also available for online students?


    Prophetess Candace

  • Amen interested in those others workshops
  • Ok, I understand.

    Like theses:

    Working the gifts of Prophecy

    Identifying demons and spirits

    Spiritual Warfare

    Biblical Enhancement, learning the mysteries, revelations, and secrets of God

    Letting go excess baggage, and forgetting the former things and embracing the New

  • Lord,  Thank you for placing this on Apostle T's heart to offer these workshops to us.  We all could use these workshops to make sure we are walking in our God-given gifts for the upbuilding of God's kingdom.  I would like to register for all of the workshops.  

    Syanika Porter-Malloy


  • Wow there's a lot you offer amazing. True Kingdom building praise God.
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