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Facebook games

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Tarot reading is to gain insight into the past, present, or future by formulating a question than drawing and interpreting cards. YES, YOUR FACEBOOK GAMES YOU PLAY THAT SAY WHAT COLOR REPRESENTS YOU, WHICH FLAVOR OF LIPSTICK BEST DESCRIBES YOU AND ALL THOSE OTHER THINGS ARE A FORM OF WITCHCRAFT!! So you may say how is that? does it gain insight into past, present, and future events by formulating a question? It does not draw cards becasue the picture represents the cards and does it not give an interpretation? I am quality myself of participating in it but once the Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance about witchcraft and the association to it I stop entertaining the enemy.
Here are some scriptures to look up!!
Lev. 19:31 & 20:6
Deu. 18:10-12
Michah 5:12
Isa. 8:19
I Chronicles 10:13-14
Rev. 22:15
1 Corinthians 10:21
Daniel 2:27-28
There are more scriptures that are related to this subject. Read and ask The Holy Spirit for revelation.
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Tezrian priestess of war



In order to know how to fight against what you can not see you must know what your up against. Early this morning I was studying and I came across this and I wanted to share. We must be aware of the enemy and his signs.
This is the sign of Tezrian who is the goddess of war and priestess of battle. She is held to be a spirit of vengeance who rules, upheaval, bravery, combat, conflicts, and strength of will. She can be called upon for hateful rules of execration, but she can grant wisdom and power.
She helps the witch to learn martial arts especially involving weapons and it is apt to have weapons present during rites to her. She is destructive and a devourer her horrible fangs strength long and thick from a black t-rex like mouth which extends from behind her beautiful visage. Terzian is an incredibly powerful goddess of plague, death, terror, and cruelty. She obliterates the most sacred rights to her victims and divests them of their self-understanding, destroying their ability to function as people, let alone professionals. Her will is the causation of violence whereby the human race is strengthened, she will empower those who enact her will.
If we do not know our opponent how are we to fight? Does this spirit not roaming the earth now?
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Excited about God.

I am just so excited about God and what He is doing in my life. Tonight while I was cooking I got this warm, loving and healing feeling , it was like Jesus himself was standing there. I said "Lord I am waiting on you to open the doors that I may start the ministry you gave me House of Refuge Ministry. A place where I can love on people, rejoice when they rejoice, mourn when they mourn, be the leader you called me to be, to spread the Word of God and watch souls get saved. I know there are going to be some rain and in order for me to enjoy the promise of the rainbow there must be storms." I am excited about the shift in my spiritual walk, the new prophetic talk, vision and dreams. Increase Lord.

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Still moving forward

I am a 42 year old WOG that is still moving forward in God. I want to tell you a little about me and I give this type of Bio simply because my life is testimony and looking at Isaiah 54: 4 "states Fear not, for thou shalt not be ashamed neither be thou confounded for thou shalt not be put to shame of thy youth." So I can give you something about me because I am not ashamed but have been redeemed by the Blood of Jesus. Born in a small town in Virginia, being molested by my step-father from the age of 5 until I was 13, fought like a mad bull all my three years of middle school, very promiscuous, full of malice and heading for a road of destruction but God. Yes, but God who blessed me with a baby girl and I married her father which was a curse but God know once I heard those words You are pregnant that my whole life would change. Yes, it did but five years later I was waiting a divorce which did not happen until five years after that and in that five years I had my son. I worked my hind quarters off to provide and then I thought I meet the man of my dreams(yeah that was a laugh) but instead for eight years I endured physical, mental and verbal abuse along with my children. During this marriage I began to seek God's face daily and this is when God began to speak to me and told me I was to preach His Word. Laughter filled the room simply because my parents have a  Apostolic Ministry and I knew God use whom he wants. But me a woman who had done something in her lifetime that would shame the devil. Well moving forward one day I was asleep and I began to descend down this tunnel and it was dark and slimy. I could smell burning flesh and I could hear people screaming in pain. I wanted to grab hold to the wall to slow myself down but I was unable to do so. When I hit the bottom I saw people on this wheel they were being turned like a game at the fair and knives were being thrown at them and they were screaming. I began to walk down this hall and it was individual cells and people were in them and one had a preacher in there and he was preaching the Word of God in hell. When I woke up I was so hot and sweaty and God spoke then and said "this is where you will go if you do not accept the calling on your life." Since then I have been running for the Lord. I have to say this this race has not been one of glory but of hard work that will pay off in heaven, I strive to do everything as if I am doing it unto the Lord and I know this to live is Christ but to die is gain. I want to gain eternal life. So I have been preaching since 2008 and have experienced some road blocks but moving forward God has placed me here to grow so that I can go forth with the vision He has given me. I am determined and I will continue to press towards the mark of the high calling. I am a joyful person, very humble, love to talk and laugh, love to encourage other's, love to help, love to display God in all that I do. As I am moving forward into another level with God I am excited about the new journey I am going on. God is writing this story and I give Him all the glory. Just know that I am a miracle like others we all have stories but I had to tell mine so you can know who I am, where I came from and where I am going and that is higher in the Lord. 

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