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    Blessings Platinum Eagles, let's celebrate one of our KPE B-day tonight. Pastor Enoc, may your day be filled with love, laughter, riches, prosperity, and overflow. May the earth realm of Abundance in Africa open up unto you Suddenly. May Kings, Princes, Queens, Princess, Ambassadors, and Diplomats sow, give, and donate wealth into your life. Let's celebrate him Platinum style, also go on our website, and show love there too Agape :-) <3


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    Hey Platinum Eagles let's celebrate one of own King Platinum Eagle, B-day on today. I Am A Ruby own West Benin Africa, Senior Pastor and Founder. International Pastor Enoc ChaCha, Let's Celebrate him Platinum Eagles Style, and go on his page on the website and show him some love. We Appreciate and Cherish you Pastor Enoc, the man who walk with God daily <3 <3

  • Pastor Enoc,

    "Thank you" for the beautiful, thoughtful gift. I bless God for you! Have a blessed day! AGAPE!
  • Blessings, My Beloved Alumni and Platinum Eagles! As you receive this reminder of how much God loves, YOU. I pray that all is going according to his plans . AGAPE!
  • Blessings, Platinum Eagles " New Beginnings " Behold he will do a new thing in YOU!
  • I have been so blessed by you and the anointing on your life.
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  • Praise Our ELOHEM Pastor Enoc, also my Brother from another mother. Thanks so much for wanting to be my friend, it's a honor my Brother! Agape!

  • Blessings new students, to your first day and new week of class. This RED ribbon symbolize that you are Royalty, Rubies, and KINGS and QUEENS Platinum Eagles. Get ready for an OVERFLOW, AGAPE~~~
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